Sales Assistance

To order a rebuild service, first choose your vehicle type. You will be directed through the following 6 steps:

  1. Choose your vehicle type.
  2. Find your module by entering make, model, and year, or browse rebuild categories.
  3. Click the picture that matches your module.
  4. Enter your vehicle year, make, model AND a description of the problem.
  5. Confirm your order. Add return shipping insurance if desired.
  6. Fill out required info, then ship your module with a printed copy of your invoice.

ABS Module Repair

If you need your ABS module repaired, but don’t know what type you have, please try our vehicle search which will show you all rebuilds for your vehicle. Compare your ABS module to those shown and select the one that matches.

If the vehicle search does not turn up your module, you may search all ABS modules. Narrow your search by clicking your vehicle make in the right column.

After Finding Your Rebuild

Once you find your rebuild, scroll down until you see “Step 4” in the blue box. Enter your vehicle year, make, and model AND a short description of the problem. Click “Add to Cart”. Add return shipping insurance (INSURANCE IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!), then click “Proceed to Checkout”. Enter your shipping and billing address, return shipping method, and payment information. Finally, click “Place Order”.

Payment Options

Pay by credit card through our secure server
Pay securely with PayPal
Ship us your module along with a money order or business check, and a copy of your invoice.
Ship us your module with just a copy of your invoice. We will call for credit card payment once your module is ready to ship.

Packing and Shipping Your Module

Once your transaction is complete, click the link to print your invoice, if the print link isn’t working please check your email as a copy of your invoice should have been sent to you (check the junk folder if it’s not in your inbox) and include with module/cluster when shipping. For important shipping instructions click here.