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Clock Toyota Matrix (2003-2006) Rebuild

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This rebuild service requires that you:

  • Verify that your clock matches the product photo

  • Remove your clock

  • Carefully pack and ship it to us - Instructions

  • We rebuild it and ship it back to you

  • Re-install your module

    Known issues we fix:

    • Faded or blank display

      What this rebuild includes:

      • Removal and replacement of oxidized components

      • Re-tinning of corroded PCB pads

      • Critical components re-tinned and re-soldered

      • Bench test

      • 1-2 business day turn-around

      • 5-year warranty against return failure

      Year/Make/Model(s) applicable:

      • 2003 Toyota Matrix

      • 2004 Toyota Matrix

      • 2005 Toyota Matrix

      • 2006 Toyota Matrix

      • 2007 Toyota Matrix

      • 2008 Toyota Matrix

      Part Number(s) applicable:

      • 68900-670A

      • 83910-02100

      • Others may apply

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 13 reviews
      Tom Berkompas
      Great Experience

      I was getting two airbag codes and an airbag dash warning light. I fixed the first code by swapping out the clock spring but the other code referred to the passenger airbag light in the clock module. The clock in my 2006 Matrix had not worked for years but now I had a problem I needed to get fixed. I found a solution on YouTube that talked about touching up the solder on one bank of connections on the board. I took it to my company which has a solder team and they did that. It sort of worked for a day or two then the clock display faded again. I searched and found Module Master and immediately set up a repair. The unit was fixed and back in my car inside a week from when I sent it! Great response, great repair, and for so much less than I would have paid for a "new" unit. Highly recommended! The unit has been working flawlessly for a couple of weeks since I got it back.

      Michael O'Connor
      Worked great

      My airbag light would turn on/off at random times and the clock numbers were dimming. That's all fixed now, so many thanks! Very pleased.

      My new go-to supplier!

      Quality work and fast service.

      Rajiv Kalsi
      excellent service

      Repaired clock works perfectly now. Impressed with the quick service and 5 year warranty. Only downside: living in Canada and paying high shipping costs.

      dan miller

      2005 matrix clock is nice and brite. great service

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