ECU Jaguar XK8 (1997-1998) Rebuild

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This rebuild service requires that you:

  • Verify that your ECU matches the product photo

  • Remove your ECU

  • Carefully pack and ship it to us - Instructions

  • We rebuild it and ship it back to you

  • Re-install your ECU

Known issues that we fix:

  • No start or intermittent vehicle operation

  • Stalling at idle

  • Rough engine operation

    • As long as it's related to the ECU

What this rebuild includes:

Year/Make/Model(s) applicable:

  • 1997 Jaguar XK8

  • 1998 Jaguar XK8

  • Others may apply

Part Number(s) applicable:

  • LJA1410AH

  • LJA1410AK

  • LJA1410AN
  • Others may apply

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Thomas Higgins
Outstanding Peformance

This company started in a garage and now is huge! Great people to talk to and the most reasonable around “with” a 5-year Warranty to boot! Very pleased with my car’s performance! Very quick turn around after sending in my ECU!

Glen Wickham

Very professional service that provides quality repairs and very reasonable turn around times!

Anand Sellasamy

Very professional!

Ron Hazlehurst
Early XK8 ECM

Covid slowed down the delivery but now my XK8 is working well again. Thanks!

Jess P
My '97 XK8

It is so great that there is a service like this for our early xk8's. They are affordable and offer excellent repair. My car is running fine now. It was displaying 'Engine Fault' and 'Poor Vehicle Performance' in the dash display, and then finally 'Pecus E' which is the code for a bad engine ECU. After that I immediately sent it in to Module Master, the turnaround time was around 10 days total and I live in Canada, Vancouver BC. Good stuff.

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