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Nissin Honda Civic Accord (2012-2015) ABS Rebuild

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This rebuild service requires that you:

  • Verify that your module matches the product photo

    • Remove your module. 

    • Carefully pack and ship it to us - Instructions

      • Please send the module WITH the pump and motor (and choose Tier 2 to calculate the correct shipping costs). Separating these pieces increases the chance your module will be damaged during shipping and reinstallation.
      • If you choose to send the module WITHOUT the pump and motor please choose Tier 1 to calculate the correct shipping costs.
    • We rebuild it and ship it back to you

    • Re-install your module and get back on the road

    Known issues we fix:

    Tier 1 and Tier 2

    • Pressure Sensor Faults

    • Solenoid faults

      What this rebuild includes:

      Year/Make/Model(s) applicable:

      • 2012 Honda Civic

      • 2013 Honda Civic

      • 2014 Honda Civic
      • 2015 Honda Civic
      • 2012 Honda Acord
      • 2013 Honda Accord
      • 2014 Honda Accord
      • 2015 Honda Accord
      • Others may apply

      Part Number(s) applicable:

      • 3S12E-0198 2GVAB

      • 4B14E-0528 2GVAB

      • 3H05G-0924 R0VVV

      • 3B15D-0283 2FVAB

      • 2B01B-0426 A0VAA

      • Others may apply
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 109 reviews
      Satisfied Customer

      I’m not big on leaving reviews, but I think this business deserves it. I have a 2014 Honda Accord. The lights on my dash have been on for over a year and I just chose not to drive it because of the cost to get it repaired. Honda quoted me $2100, not including the labor to replace my ABS module. I found out about this company through Reddit.

      I chose the cheapest shipping option available and still got my part back in a timely manner. All of my lights are off and I haven’t seen my car like this in a while. Definitely a great feeling and happy that I saved some money!!

      Chad Overton

      Got a diagnosis from my mechanic of blown module. $4000 fix for my 2014 Honda accord with 210k miles. I found module master online, sent the module in myself, they repaired and shipped it back quickly, and $250 later, my car is back to life! So thankful for a great company, great service, and easy transaction. HIGHLY recommend.

      steven Kelso
      Great Business!

      Had customers 2013 Accord Sport..Kicking few ABS codes and ABS light Trac,, Light..New was 1500..NO ONE in Houston,Tx. would touch it as far as rebuild..Then I found Module Masters..Was skeptikal at first..but decided to give them a try,,Was super easy shipped to them and was shipped back in a few days!..Installed and works great..NO More ABS codes..please Note did have to reset steering angle with scan tool..But no Big Deal!

      Walter Rosenbohm
      2013 Honda Accord V6 ABS (VSA) Module, Saved Thousands with Module Masters

      My son is a Honda tech, so I brought my car to him when the warning lights lit up my dash like a Christmas tree. He determined it was the ABS module (Honda will also call it the VSA) and apparently this is a weak point on these cars. He quoted me roughly $2,000 for a replacement unit (his discounted price) and while I would've gotten the labor for free, the dealership normally charges $500 - $1000. That's a $2500-$3000 repair for an 11 year old car! Otherwise, my car is fine. It drives great, gets good gas mileage and with routine maintenance is otherwise reliable and most importantly, IT'S PAID FOR!

      I don't have to tell anyone what new and used car prices look like nowadays, but even spending $2500- $3000 on a repair bill saves you a lot of money when looking at it that way, but Module Masters rebuilt the ABS unit for $250!!! With shipping back and forth, it was around $300. If you're mechanically adept and have the proper tools and brake fluid, that's all it will cost you to get your car back on the road. The unit was easy to remove but you may need help bleeding the brakes when reinstalling. An honest, independent repair shop shouldn't charge more than a couple of hundred bucks for removal and reinstallation.

      So go with Module Masters and save thousands on repairing your ABS module.

      Walter R.


      The rebuild came back in a timely manner, cleaned and well packaged. Putting it back into my 2014 honda Civic and bleeding the brakes was easy with a friend's help. Had to drive the car for a little bit before all of the lights finally turned off. Doing all of this saved me a lot of money and would definitely recommend Module Master again.

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