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Instrument Cluster Ford F150 (2003-2006) Rebuild

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This rebuilds service requires that you:

  • Verify that your cluster matches the product photo
    • Cluster can have 4, 5, or 6 gauges and different background colors. Photos are not comprehensive. Call us if you have questions about your cluster matching.
    • Remove your cluster

    • Carefully pack and ship it to us - Instructions

    • We rebuild it and ship it back to you

    • Re-install your cluster

    Known issues that we fix:

    • Dead or erratic gauge(s)

    • Intermittent or total power loss
    • Communication problems
    • Brake light stays on all the time

    What this rebuild includes:

    • Re-work of trouble areas on circuit board

    Year/Make/Model(s) applicable:

    • 2004 Ford F150

    • 2005 Ford F150

    • 2006 Ford F150

    • Others may apply

    Part Number(s) applicable:

    • 4L3410849GA
    • 4L3410849GB
    • 4L3410849GC
    • 4L3410849GD
    • 4L3410849GE
    • 4L3410849GF
    • 4L3410849GG
    • 4L3410849GH
    • 4L3410849GJ
    • 4L3410849GK
    • 4L3410849GL
    • 4L3410849GL
    • 4L3410849GM
    • 4L3410849GN
    • 4L3Z10849GA
    • 4L3Z10849GB
    • 4L3Z10849GC
    • 5L3410849GA
    • 5L3410849GB
    • 5L3410849GC
    • 5L3Z10849GA
    • 5L3Z10849GB
    • 6L3410849XA
    • 6L3410849XB
    • 6L3410849XC
    • 6L3410849XD
    • 6L3Z10849XA
    • 6L3Z10849XB
    • 6L3410849GA
    • 6L3410849GB
    • 6L3410849GC
    • 6L3410849GD
    • 6L3410849GE
    • 6L3Z10849GA
    • 6L3Z10849GB
    • 6L3410849AC
    • 6L3410849AD
    • 6L3410849AE
    • 6L3Z10849AA
    • 6L3Z10849AB
    • Others may apply


    If you are having problems other than those described above, please call us at 888-892-0764 before purchasing this rebuild service.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Joseph Thomas
    Great job

    Works like new, service was great.

    Greg Bohnenkamp
    Excellent work

    Turnaround time was very fast, excellent communication on shipping. Great experience will definitely use them again.

    Brian Warren
    Ford F-150 cluster rebuild

    Excelent service Module Master was able to repair my insturment cluster after another company screwed it up. Fast turn around. This was a great experiance.

    2004 F-150 instrument cluster

    Thanks so much for all your help with my truck. I was afraid I would have to buy new instrument cluster from Ford and that would be big bucks! I got the repaired cluster back in the truck and everything seems to be working perfectly. NOW I have another project to send you soon! I’ve got problems with a Lincoln Blackwood tonneau cover module not responding. As soon as the weather warms enough for me to get it removed, I’ll send it your way! Thanks again for all your help so far!!!

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