Overhead Compass (OFCC3) Ford F150 F250 F350 F450 (1999-2004) Rebuild

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This rebuild service requires that you:

  • Verify that your compass matches the product photo

  • Remove your compass

  • Carefully pack and ship it to us - Instructions

  • We rebuild it and ship it back to you

  • Re-install your compass

Known issues we fix:

  • Dim or blank display

What this rebuild includes:

Year/Make/Model(s) applicable:

  • 1999 Ford F150

  • 2000 Ford F150

  • 2001 Ford F150

  • 2002 Ford F150

  • 2003 Ford F150

  • 2004 Ford F150

  • 1999 Ford F250

  • 2000 Ford F250

  • 2001 Ford F250

  • 2002 Ford F250

  • 2003 Ford F250

  • 2004 Ford F250

  • 1999 Ford F350

  • 2000 Ford F350

  • 2001 Ford F350

  • 2002 Ford F350

  • 2003 Ford F350

  • 2004 Ford F350

  • 1999 Ford F450

  • 2000 Ford F450

  • 2001 Ford F450

  • 2002 Ford F450

  • 2003 Ford F450

  • 2004 Ford F450

  • Others may apply

Part Number(s) applicable:

  • F81B-25519C44-A

  • Others may apply
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Edward LaPrath
2004 F350 Overhead Compass Repair

Very impressed and pleased with the repair by Module Master. It was very fast and thorough. I appreciate the warranty and bench-testing. I would recommend their services to anyone who needs it.

michael Veselsky
Works like new

Repaired and returned quickly. Works like new. Thank you.

Gary Fagerness

Was concerned the unit might not be fixable. Fast turnaround. Unit has worked as it should sence i reinstalled.

Roger Gilbert
Rebuilt Module

I reinstalled the module about 10 days ago. It works just like it did when the 1999 F250 was new.
I’m glad to have it back in operation.

Ronnie Moore

they made something work that hasn’t in who knows how many years. me and my grandson have been fixing random odd things on my f250 and this definitely made me smile to see it light up again. fantastic service and definitely in a timely manner. 100% will be back for more.

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