Instrument Cluster Audi A4, A6, S4, S6 (2000-2004) Rebuild

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This rebuild service requires that you:

Known issues that we fix:

  • Faded or blank display

  • Missing pixels

  • Horizontal or vertical lines

What this rebuild includes:

Year/Make/Model(s) applicable:

  • 2000 Audi A4

  • 2001 Audi A4

  • 2002 Audi A4

  • 2003 Audi A4

  • 2004 Audi A4

  • 2000 Audi A6

  • 2001 Audi A6

  • 2002 Audi A6

  • 2003 Audi A6

  • 2004 Audi A6

  • 2000 Audi S4

  • 2001 Audi S4

  • 2002 Audi S4

  • 2003 Audi S4

  • 2004 Audi S4

  • 2000 Audi S6

  • 2001 Audi S6

  • 2002 Audi S6

  • 2003 Audi S6

  • 2004 Audi S6

  • 2001 Audi Allroad

  • 2002 Audi Allroad

  • 2003 Audi Allroad

  • 2004 Audi Allroad

  • Others may apply

Part Number(s) applicable:

  • 4B0920980L

  • 4B0920980M

  • 4B0920981F

  • 4B0920981G

  • 4B0920981N

  • 4B0920981P

  • 4B0920981Q

  • 4B0920983F

  • 4Z7920980B

  • 8D0919930L

  • 8D0920980C

  • 8D0920980D

  • 8D0920980Q

  • 8D0920980R

  • 8D0920981B

  • Others may apply
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
James Keller
Center LED display in instrument cluster

Received the part back and it seems to be working fine so far.

Evan Davis
Good replacement

New screen works well, fixed the completely non-functional screen I had before. Couple small complaints: screen vibrancy is a lot less than OEM, looks "washed out". Also polarized the wrong way, so if you wear polarized sunglasses, it is impossible to see/read the screen.

Still, it's much better than it was before, so I'm happy.

Roy E Frye
2001 Audi A4 Instrument panel

The center LCD panel was unreadable. Now its just like new. The turn around time for the repair was very quick. The instrument panel was very well packaged in the box from them.

Mario Sanchez
Worked Like Charm

My 2002 A4 would start and stop immediately due to a faulty Immobilizer pick up coil. My shop recommended me to Module Master. After speaking to Chad, he said he could most likely fix the Issue.

I sent the instrument cluster and just one week later I had it shipped back on the most careful packaging

Had the instrument cluster installed and car started right up and didn’t stop.

Thank you Chad!

Wakiza Roat

Good communication, very professional, timely repair, and I have not had any problems with it at all. Impressed by the warranty.

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