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Climate Control Toyota Highlander (2001-2007) Rebuild

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This rebuild service requires that you:

  • Verify that your climate control matches the product photo

    • May be either brown or black

    • Applies to both automatic and manual units

    • Please remove any attached brackets

  • Remove your climate control

  • Carefully pack and ship it to us - Instructions

  • We rebuild it and ship it back to you

  • Re-install your climate control

Known issues we fix:

  • Non functioning or dead unit

  • Non-functioning fan control

  • Non-functioning temperature control

Issues we are unable to fix:

  • Dead or dim display - we are unable to correct this issue

What this rebuild includes:

Year/Make/Model(s) applicable:

  • 2001 Toyota Highlander

  • 2002 Toyota Highlander

  • 2003 Toyota Highlander

  • 2004 Toyota Highlander

  • 2005 Toyota Highlander

  • 2006 Toyota Highlander

  • 2007 Toyota Highlander

 Part Number(s) applicable:

  • 55904 48020

  • 55904 48021

  • 55904 48100

  • 55904 48110

  • 55904 48190

  • 55904 48200

  • 55904 48210

  • 84010 48170

  • 84010 48171

  • 84010 48080

  • 84010 48081

  • 84010 48082

  • 84010 48091

  • 84010 48180

  • 84010 48181

  • 84010 48250

  • 84010 48270

  • Others may apply

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Daryl L
Excellent Value

Very happy with the repair service I received from Module Master! My heater control completely went dead at the beginning of the cold weather season and an affordable replacement was very difficult to locate. Turnaround was quicker than I expected and I’m very happy to have my heater work again.

Christopher Ryan
Great job!

This appears to be a very well-run company. Every interaction I had with them was professional and competent. I broke a little piece of plastic off the module when I was removing it. As soon as they received it, they called me to confirm that it hadn't been damaged in shipping. The turnaround was just a few days, and they shipped it back perfectly packaged. Plugged it in, and everything works great. It's 4 degrees outside right now, so I'm very thankful to have the heater working again!

J. C.
2006 Toyota Highlander Climate Control Rebuild

Climate control fan speed and temperature was not adjustable. Tried purchasing a used one on Ebay ($200-$500) but same problems. Googled and found Module Master! Extremely pleased price was lower than expected, was a fast turn around, works like new and has a warranty! Highly recommend! Thank you all at Module Master, you Rock! Not to mention 100% positive feedback why look anywhere else!

Kevin Clasen
Toyota heater control repair.

This has been fixed and is working properly.

Thomas Fleury

Works fine .Thanks for the quick return its cold in upstate ny.

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