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Can I replace my ABS module?

Can I replace my ABS module?

When your ABS module is failing there are a few options to fix the problem. The original module may be repairable, a new module may be sourced through a dealership, or a replacement module may be sourced online or from a junkyard. We'll explore the pros and cons of each option below, so that you can make the best decision for your vehicle. We highly recommend consulting a trusted, experienced mechanic.

Buying a module from a dealership

The easiest thing to do if you want a brand new ABS module is to take your vehicle to a dealership. They can tell you if ABS modules are still available for your vehicle and what the cost is. It's usually the most expensive option. While the labor to replace the module is affordable, the part itself can range from $300-$1000+ and some modules may be backordered for months. Dealers are able to correctly program the new module, if needed, and you'll have the peace of mind that comes with a new part. 

Buying a module online or from a junkyard

Many owners who want to DIY their ABS repair search for used modules to purchase from the same year, make, and model vehicles. While this may work in some cases, often the module still needs programming to work in the vehicle. This is because most ABS modules are VIN specific, which means that the module is programmed to only work with one specific VIN number. Even with the correct tool to reprogram the VIN number, there is no guarantee that the module itself is in working condition. The upside to purchasing a module this way is that the cost is more affordable than a new module.

Repairing the original module

The cost to have an ABS module rebuilt is very affordable compared to the cost of buying the module new. Since it is the original module it will not need any programming to work in the vehicle. A DIY-er or mechanic can remove and reinstall the module relatively easily. There are times that modules cannot be fixed, or are dead, in which case you may be out the cost of the rebuild and/or shipping. 

Whether you buy a new module through a dealership, purchase a used module, or have your original module rebuilt we recommend talking to a trusted mechanic to understand your options. If you're looking for a rebuild service check out our ABS Module Rebuilds. You can be confident in our five year warranty, and the knowledge that we'll refund your rebuild cost if we can't fix your module.

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