Testimonials: Motorcycle ABS

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BMW R1200RT ABS Fixed

Module Masters fixed the abs for 2007 BMW R1390RT. Right the first time. Bike tested tonight and ABS worked great. No more brake failure idiot light. Thanks for great service.

David bapst
South Wales NY

Rare Integrity

My motorcycle ABS unit quit. New replacement unit cost = $3000.00+ not including labor. (That is a true from the dealer cost.) Bought a used one off the web ($125.00), sent to Module Master, they sent it back with the note that it was in perfect working order with NO Charge. I installed it and it works! How wonderful to experience old school customer service, honesty, and integrity. I am sending the faulty one for repair today! Awesome! Wonderful!

Stuart R Downey
Atlanta, GA

Safe again!

My 2009 R1200GS abs went out about a year ago. I had been riding sans abs which is basically like pre abs bikes. After a couple close calls which wouldn’t have been so close with abs I searched and found Module Master. It seemed too good to be true to get my module rebuilt at a fraction of the price of a new one, and with a 5 year warranty! I do all my work myself, but this was a little over my head and given the positive testimonials I gave it a shot. All I can say is what a wonderful experience! My module was repaired and tested in the given timeline and shipped back upon completion. Unfortunately I had a 3 week delay getting it going due to cracked and broken Throttle Body pulleys. Once I got the parts and cleared all codes I fired the bike up and was very happy to see that blinking abs light again. I switched the abs off then back on then took a test ride in the yard. Abs capabilities once again! These folks are true professionals and I would not think twice about using them if I ever have another module fail. Thanks Module Master. I’ll ride safer thanks to you.

James mock
Mississippi Coast

removed , repaired , reused

Nothing worse than a motorcycle with an ABS2 off line , mine failed at about 9 years and 103,000km . I finished last season with it inoperative but wasn’t going to start another year like it , so sent it to Module Master before the riding season started . They had it for 5 business days as promised and confirmed what my dealer had found , code 05DF0 , faulty brushes . Repair , shipping both ways from east coast Canada and excise tax to get my property back into Canada cost me $600 Canadian , a new unit quote from my dealer was $2800 Canadian , not including labour !!! My dealer was patient and didn’t mind my bike sitting around for awhile . I have ridden about 1100km in 3 outings and the ABS2 is operating perfectly. The entire experience was great from start to finish , professional , knowledgeable and timely . Highly recommended .
Robert Snow
2007 K1200GT BMW

Robert Snow
Fall River , Nova Scotia , canada

Module Master did a great Job and save a lot of $$$

My ABS Failed after 17 years of good service, and When I went to See BMW in Singapore they did ask me to pay around USD$3900 for a new one ..(down payment for a new bike ..lol)

So When I found Module Master online , I did not believe it was so simple to refurbish an ABS.

I did sent it from Singapore to US and in 2 weeks the ABS came back and now it is working perfectly.

Even if you account FedEx price , the total cost to repair my ABS was around USD 600$ taxes included.

Great Job Module Master ! Thank you

Francoid BIGOT

ABS Functions Again!

The ABS module on my 2001 BMW R1150GS was faulting on self-test at startup; the fault was persistent; diagnostics indicated a plunger fault. After some research, decided against spending $3,000. ++ for a new ABS unit and decided instead to send the unit to ModuleMaster for a rebuild. Had no issues with shipping or duty up here in Canada, and received my ABS unit back in time to reinstall and take my bike for a fall test-ride. I’m pleased to report that it has performed flawlessly since. I’ve been riding with a functional ABS system for some time; I’m very pleased with the results of the rebuild. Quite literally, I can’t thank you enough. I highly recommend your services.

Shaun E. Brown

When we have customers come

When we have customers come in with ABS module problems and they are out of warranty, an ABS rebuild by ModuleMaster is always our first suggestion. We’ve done quite a few units on customer bikes and never had any issues. Saves the customer at least $1000 depending on the bike, 3 more years warranty than if they were to get a new OEM unit, and since their unit goes back into the bike, there’s no extra programming.

Daniel Pelletier

iABS2 Motorcycle Rebuild

Wonderful service, thanks!

Pat O.

BMW ABSII Motorcycle Module 2001 K1200LT


This is to thank you for the “GOOD WORK” on my ABS Module.

I received it and after installation on the motorcycle it has been working perfectly. It was worth all the trouble of sending it twice to USA and back, even tough I had to pay twice the customs for one piece that was already mine, but that was not your fault and is now past.

Thanks again, and a Merry Christmas for you and all your familly,


**transposed from an email we received on 12/2/2014 sent to info@modulemaster.com**


Job well done. Installed the ABS module in the bike today. bled the system. started the bike and within 10 feet of riding the bike all lights cleared and system operated perfectly. Thanks again all at MODULE MASTERS, Cecil C service@northyorkmotors.com

Cecil Cicchelli
North York Motors

Excellent service!

Even though they do not rebuild my BMW motorcycle ABS unit yet, they have been working on it and were able to give me a lot of technical help. Tyler was very helpful responding to my emails and phone calls. Remarkable company! I am on their ‘wait list’ when they get parts to rebuild my unit. I wish more companies were this service oriented! Grandpa Ripper

Gary Cassill
Tacoma, Wa

BMW 1200 GS ABS – Well Done.

Guys, Just wanted to say well done for fixing my ABS unit from my BMW 1200GS. It was quite a big deal (for me) to ship it all the way from the UK but you dealt with it quickly and it arrived back safely. I installed it back on the bike and it worked immediately. Steve Somerset UK

Steve McCullagh

This fix saved me nearly $2000…

I wish to thank you for your fine service on the ABS module for my BMW R1200RT motorcycle. I have installed the repaired unit and it works flawlessly! This fix saved me nearly $2000 and turned out to be a very satisfying project. Again, thank you.

Mark K.

Since reinstalling it, I have put a couple of hundred trouble-free miles on the bike.

Please convey my sincerest thanks to the person who rebuilt my failed BMW ABS modulator. I see he goes by the number “8”.
Since reinstalling it, I have put a couple of hundred trouble-free miles on the bike. When running the brake system through a computer-controlled bleed regimen, it was nice to notice how much quieter the system was with the rebuilt motor.
Clearly my experience with this issue is not unique, so I will be sure to circulate this information around the BMW motorcycle community, and hopefully prevent other owners from getting soaked for the price of a new part.

Steve A.

BMW Motorcycle ABS Rebuild

I have had my bike back now for a week, abs works great, thank you
for your help and great customer service!!


BMW ABS Repair

You guys are the best! Andy’s BMW turned out perfect. More work for me = more work for you.

Thank you,

Ryan B.


Regarding BMW R1200 GSA motorcycle ABS unit repair, I just made a trip to New Orleans and back. It was 1,900 miles and approximately 30 hours. Had to really stomp on the brakes (pull the lever) several times and it was great to have the ABS unit working. Really great job guys! Since this is voting day, I give ModuleMasters my vote of confidence.