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THANKS!…you fixed my G35X Cluster issues!!!

Spoke with Chad about my problems before sending: Fuel gauge inaccurate; left turn arrow on cluster works intermittently (exterior turn signal works fine); Alternator charging issue traced to 12-pin connector (small white, rectangular) on back (top right) of cluster case.
Your work turn-around was as estimated (2 days) and when I received return shipment, I was impressed with the thoroughness of your package protection.
Cluster was dropped-off to my repair shop, they installed and Alternator charging issue was fixed! Also the left turn signal now works consistently and the fuel gauge looks to be functioning accurately!
Chad said that he could test the fuel gauge fix but not the others. He asked for specifics of my problems and that he would work in those areas to “reflow” the connections.
I have to say I’m ecstatic about the results – it’s like the instrument cluster has return to it original condition – my only complaint is that I should have done this sooner!!
BTW: a mechanic at my repair shop also owns a 2005 G35 sedan with a faulty fuel gauge. After seeing my results, he planned to send his cluster to Module Masters for “the fix”!
Thanks again for the service – you have one happy customer!
Jim Fanzone, Order #34677; 2005 G35X Cluster repair

Jim Fanzone

Fantastic Option to Replacing Module

The instrument cluster for my 2002 Buick Lasabre was rebuilt by Module Masters and it works great! A perfect option for a reasonable repair to a very delicate and intricate part which definitely requires the expertise and professional talents offered at Module Masters. My only option prior to discovering Module Masters was to purchase a rebuilt instrument cluster through the local auto part dealer at a cost of $500! Thanks for saving me a small fortune Module Masters!

Chris Raverty

Saved me a lot of money!!

I cant thank “modulemaster” enough! My 2001 Porsche 911 Turbo had the dreaded “Oil Level Indicator Failure” error appear on the cluster. After spending a lot of time searching forums, everyone was saying to send it to a well known speedometer shop in Hollywood and they would fix it for $700.00. I sent my cluster to them and received a phone call stating that they could not fix it and I would need to purchase a new cluster for $3,000.00!! Well, I got back on the internet and by the grace of god found “modulemaster”. Right there on the site they listed the exact issue I was having and a price of $250.00 to fix it! I sent my cluster to them and they literally fixed and shipped it the day after they received it. I installed it today and everything works 100%

A+ Service! I will let others know about this company.


All around good business practices.

I really appreciate the way they know their business. They did not hesitate to contact me to get critical information. They really went the extra mile for me, and even refunded my money when I had a faulty unit that couldn’t be rebuilt. I know they put time into diagnosing it and had every right to charge me. Thanks for the help, and I will keep Module Masters in mind for future module repairs.

Mark Gegner
Sunny Automotive, LLC

100% satisfied

2000 Ford F-250 Lariat upper console
Found them through E-Bay. Quick on the turn around time and the gauge works perfect.
I will be telling anybody I know about their service.

Dan Ellis


I purchased your rebuild service thru E-Bay for the overhead compass/mileage display of my 2001 Ford F250. I must admit I was slow to proceed with the process. When I did, I received a response from your company within an hour. I read and followed the instructions carefully. I mailed the unit to you the next day. I was most pleasantly surprised when I received an e-mail that the module was on it’s was back to me a few days later. The module was returned on the day originally projected. A note was attached to call if I had any problems. I reinstalled the module, plugged it in and it works like new. I can not be happier and cannot say enough praises for the service I received. I have been bragging about your company to all my friends. I gave a 5 star review through an E-Bay inquiry, but wanted to express more to you directly. Thank you

Bill Wheeler
Houston, TX

Job well done-happy customer!

I sent in the instrument cluster from my Bounder motor home for repair of the water temperature gauge. Sent Fed EX from Yuma AZ to Moscow ID on May 18. Received back in Yuma May 29 and problem has been corrected. New and upgraded parts installed on all gauges and a 5-year warranty to boot! Would recommend this business to anyone!! (in fact, I have already told 2 different RV repair places about this service. They were not aware of it.)

Robert Boston

Job Well Done

Just had a cluster from a 1989 Chevrolet C-10 rebuilt , would like to say thanks for a job well done ! Installed the cluster yesterday and everything works perfectly , thanks again .

Steve Roseberry

Steven Roseberry
Meridian , Texas

when I sent my Instrument

when I sent my Instrument cluster to module master none of the gages worked and only half of the lights worked.It’s been about 1 month sense I got my instrument cluster fixed and it is working great . it was for a 1995 Grumman step van. It was impossible to find a used one and to replace the with something else not only would of been expensive but time consuming. Module masters saved me hundreds of dollars. Thank you very much. You where a life saver

Brian Roberts
Village of North Baltimore

Excellent work

I have used module master on 2 occasions for my 2004 Chevy Suburban. The first time for the ABS module and the second time for the instrument cluster. In both cases both were repaired and returned quickly, both worked perfectly. I recommend module master without any reservations!

Mike Dondero
Long Beach, CA

1991 300SL Instrument cluster


Everything works fantastic. All the gauges read correctly, the top goes up and down and the sluggish acceleration has been solved. Thanks, nice to have my baby back in tip top shape. Thanks for your due diligence and excellent workmanship. By the way love the new blue lights for the thermometer very classy. Here’s a photo of my baby. 26 years old and 93,800 miles.

Thanks again

Steven Kirsch
Riverside, CA

MK1 TT instrument cluster

My instrument cluster had a bad LCD screen. I sent it for a full rebuild to ModuleMaster and they not only fixed it quickly, they shipped it back very well packaged. This is a very professional operation. If you are considering getting your AUDI TT MK1 instrument cluster repaired and you are very picky about having work done correctly, then this is your place. When I received my repaired cluster, not only had they fixed everything but they had cleaned it. It looked brand new.

Kent Anderson
Columbus, IN

VW Eurovan Schizophrenia Cured–At Last!!!!

There are hundreds of messages posted online by frustrated VW Eurovan owners describing problems with their lights and instrument gauges, and offering DIY solutions. I’ve read them all, and tried many of the suggested fixes. Many seemed plausible. None worked, at least not for very long. I had reached the point where I was ready to sell my 1995 Eurovan camper, not wanting to drive a vehicle long distances that I couldn’t count on for reliable instrument lighting and gauge readouts. I loved everything else about it, but just couldn’t stand its quirky, unpredictable, utterly frustrating electrical gremlins. As a measure of last resort, I decided to send the entire instrument cluster to Module Master. The result was nothing short of miraculous.

Within a week of shipping it to them I received a call–“the problems with your instrument cluster were identified and repaired. The problems you described should all be gone. We’ll ship it back to you tomorrow along with a five-year warranty.”

I am happy to report ALL of the problems are gone. Instrumentation and lighting are working as they should, and my entire attitude towards the vehicle has improved. I like driving it again and am eager to take it on a long trip.

My advice to every Eurovan owner having problems with their instrument lighting and gauges is to stop trying to fix the problems yourself. Save yourself a great deal of time and frustration by removing the instrument cluster from the vehicle and shipping it to Module Master for repair. In one to two weeks you’ll have the good-as-new unit back and ready to install in your car. Problems solved for less than $200 (repairs and shipping), plus a 5-year warranty. What’s not to love about this??

Module Master…you’re the best. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!

Jim Northup
Bristol, VT

Its Working Again!

Better than New! I received my instrument cluster back in Japan after it’s round trip to Moscow Idaho, and back. Many cars here in Okinawa are 15+ years old so they are expected to have some age spots and faults. By Japanese law every vehicle must pass what is called JCI, Japanese Compulsory Inspection. It consists of safety checks, emissions check, operational checks, and one of those specific items mandates that the vehicle must have an operational odometer. When I bought the car, it was NOT working but figured I could replace the entire cluster, finding a replacement proved to be an impossible challenge. I located ModuleMaster, sent an email, then a few days later sent the console, and hoped I would see it again but to be honest, was expecting to be told the cluster was too old (1998). Two weeks later, the cluster showed up. I installed the wiring to the cluster, turned the ignition on, and stared at the lights of the cluster as if I were viewing the smoke from a recently rubbed Genie bottle. The LED lights completely transformed the look of the dash, bright, clean and clear, and the odometer I once considered to be dead and buried, glowed to life as if it were new. I seated all the screws, installed the trim and just for fun drove around the block to see that it was not only lit up but actually working…it WAS! As the odometer counted 1..2..3..4 10ths of a kilometer, I heard the words of Gene Wilder’s Frankenstein character cry out..”IT’S ALIVE!” THANK YOU ModuleMaster! Now I can get this vehicle inspected next month and keep it on the road. I love the fact that it works and looks better than stock.

I would love to know how, but am content with the fact that it works.


John Ferguson


I recently came into posession of an Audi TT, and the instrument cluster had a broken LCD screen. I took the time to remove the cluster to inspect the cluster visually, and when I re-installed the cluster after determining the LCD soldering would be beyond the scope of my skillset, I also managed to break the motors which control the fuel and coolant gauges. So I decided to go with Module Master (MM) to give my cluster a good old fashioned refurbishment. They must’ve only had the package for a few hours before I had notification that it was being returned to me. A few days later I re-installed my cluster and it is working perfectly. Thanks MM for the great work and the really really fast turn around!

Nick Sargent
Las Vegas, NV

1996 VW Eurovan instrument cluster

I searched Google and isolated my problems to the instrument cluster. I replaced the voltage regulator and re-soldered all the cold joints I could see. My problems continued so I reluctantly sent my instrument cluster to modulemaster. I sent it in, and they sent it back in a very timely manner. It was packaged very well. I installed it and it worked immediately. I have been on vacation and driving the van for 3 weeks now and it continues to work perfect. 2 big thumbs up for modulemaster!!!

Brian Cole

great service

They were the only ones who knew what they were looking at and provided service within a week of receiving the cluster would definately use this service again and recommend highly. Mike Fry

mike fry

Very happy with repairs!

I sent Module Masters an instrument cluster to get repaired that had an ignition off draw which was not the normal gauge problems that GM clusters have. They fixed it and rebuilt it and it is working great now. I couldn’t be happier!! They have great communication and very knowledgeable. THANKS!!

Jesse Kamps
K-Tech Automotive

Worth it!!!

I have a 2006 Ford Freestar and the odometer display went dead – a common issue, so I’m told. My van was up for inspection but the DMV wouldn’t do it without being able to see the mileage. Dealers and repair shops were telling me I needed to replace my cluster to the tune of $2000. A quick Internet search led me to the ModuleMaster website. At first I was wary, but a little background investigation made me think they might actually be on the level, so I gave them a try. Within a week I had my cluster back, well packaged and freshly cleaned. Best of all, my display was back. I next day I got my inspection done and I’m back on the road. Total cost: $200 (including all shipping and insurance). I can’t thank you enough and I will DEFINITELY recommend your services to anyone!

Chris Broad

Very Pleased !!!

I own a 1994 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer in excellent conditions but the parts are very hard to find. The compass & temperature module as well as the map lights had stopped working a few years back. I have searched for this component everywhere with no luck. My son referred me to ModuleMaster to see if they could help me. I checked the website and decided to ship the module. I kept my fingers crossed… Five days later I got the repaired module. Immediately installed it and I was extremely impressed when I saw everything working again !!! I definitely recommend their services. The price could not have been any better, and the turn around was impressive. Don’t waste your time going around and around searching for help on your damaged electronic components. These people know what they are doing. I could not be more grateful… Thank You !

Felipe Campos
Deltona, FL

Outstanding Value

I own a 2004 Merecedes Benz S500 with 150k miles. It’s a wonderful car that unfortunately requires a significant investment to keep on the road. Recently the backlight on my instrument cluster gave out. The dealer would have gladly sold and installed a new one for $2,000. Module Masters stepped in and was able to resolve the issue at a fraction of the cost. They made every aspect of this very user friendly. Great work and a great value. Well done!

Tom Bourque
New Jersey

Great Job

Great Company to deal with. Personalized service. Did a great job on my Instrument cluster. Very fair price. I would highly recommend them.

Dominick Onorato
Long Island NY

FANTASTIC Jaguar XKR 2000 Repair

My name is Leon van Meijel. I live in The Netherlands. I own a Jaguar XKR built in 2000. Instrument Cluster was shut down completely. No gauges. All warning lights on. Error in my Climate Control. CAN FAILURE. I was desperate. Did not want to install a second hand cluster. Took a great risk and sent my dashboard panel from The Netherlands to The States. The total shipment was about the same amount of money as the total repair. But i am SO HAPPY. All is working great. ODO. No CAN failure anymore. Better lights (new bulbs). All gauges working. No shut down or what so ever. FIVE year guarantee. Yes, Module Master really do what they claim. The totally rebuild the cluster. Great Job ! 26-04-2015

Leon van Meijel

E430 Pixel repair, done fast

Done right and fast thanks guys. My instrument cluster pixel display made straight vertical lines when the cabin temp got to 100 degF (easy in the PSP desert). when the cabin cooled to about 80 the alpha numeric came back. In all other respects the displays worked fine. Module Master repaired it and Fast. The cluster arrived at ModelMaster Friday 10AM … I received an email Tuesday explaining it was repaired …. Friday the cluster was back in my car ….. there have been multiple hot days in the last 3 weeks and the module continues to work great. Thanks ModuleMaster


Winnebago Actia Workhorse Cluster Rebuild

Came in today.  Looks great.  Thanks, you guys are the greatest.

Wilson M.

Winnebago Actia Workhorse Cluster Rebuild

Came in today.  Looks great.  Thanks, you guys are the greatest.

Wilson M.

1999 Audi A4 Avant Wagon Instrument Cluster

I just wanted to say Thank you my instrument cluster looks like new got it back today you guys ROCK!

Michael K.

**transposed from an email we received on 3/30/2015 sent to info@modulemaster.com**

Great Service

Have used several ABS modules and had a Instrument cluster rebuilt. Great service and great products.

Dan Raske

Instrument Cluster

I Think this is the best service I’ve had for my E 320 1996 my panel was restored to look like it did when it was new. I am a pleased customer if I ever need any service that you do I will be a returning customer. Your packing was very professional,your price for the work was unbelievable. I had been quoted two to three times your price will tell all of my friends about your excellent service. Thank you, Thank you.

Hazel Kennard

98 Kenworth digital cluster

I would like to thank Gavin Curtis and his staff for thier professional work in repairing my digital cluster. I was told by Kenworth that there were none available and I would have to switch to analog, the price tag for this was a fortune. I was never so happy to see the repaired cluster arrive in the mail. Immediately I took it to a mechanic who installed it for me and it lit up like a christmas tree. I highly recommend Modulemaster, thier work is top notch, right down to making the repaired item look like new. They saved me a lot of money, and in turn did not charge a lot of money for the work done. Thankyou from an Alberta farmer who needed help in the worst way. I am giving your name and website to the mechanic who worked on my truck and others who need your help. Merry Christmas and hope you have a prosperous New Year! Jim Zacharuk

Jim Zacharuk
Elk Point, Alberta, Canada




Instrument Cluster Repair

Hey Guys, thanks. Great job on my 2000 Ford Windstar instrument cluster. The needles of the analog gauges no longer dance around like they are insane. I even had a special request about the repair and it was performed like I wanted. Thanks Again,

Leonard Abbe
Bremen, GA

A good job at a fair price.

Thank you….a regular man in Mississippi who had been to the Nissan dealership and they said “we can’t replace that 1999 instrument cluster…sorry…who searched the internet and found yall………….now after you reworked it, it is working fine…just a note to let you folks in Idaho know i appreciate you regular folks up there for a good job at a fair price.
Thank you

Ricky W.

All systems are “Go” and we are back on the road again.

I received the instrument cluster by FedEx on Thursday 5/23 and installed it in my vehicle the next day. This is to express my appreciation for the way the instrument cluster was carefully packaged for shipment back to me, and for your very fine work in restoring the cluster to full functionality. All systems are “Go” and we are back on the road again. Thank you very much for this service!

Bob W.

I sent (my cluster) all the way from Australia.

Just a quick heads up I’m kicking off my mobile Euro business as of Monday. Just like to say the TT cluster went well this time and guys I had every faith, that’s why I come to you. I send it all the way from Aus. the service is great and I will continue to do business.
Thanks very much

Alba European

I received my repaired cluster today, and it works like new!

Just wanted you to know I received my repaired cluster today, and it works like new! Thanks so much for the fast, professional service. I have recommended you to others.


Wife is Happy

Just wanted to let you know that I received the cluster today and it was well packed.
I just finished installing it and the speedo is now working fine. My wife will be happy now.
I will certainly recommend your business to anyone else that I come across with a similar problem

Thank you

Dennis W.

Cluster was carefully packaged

I received the instrument cluster by FedEx on Thursday 5/23 and installed it in my vehicle the next day. This is to express my appreciation for the way the instrument cluster was carefully packaged for shipment back to me, and for your very fine work in restoring the cluster to full functionality. All systems are “Go” and we are back on the road again. Thank you very much for this service!

Bob W.

Cluster looks fantastic.

Got the cluster yesterday, put it in last night, and drove the car to work this morning. It looks fantastic. Thank you for your service — especially your patience with me — and keep up the good work.

Rick B.

Ford F250 Super Duty compass works like a charm.

I would like to thank ya’ll for the rebuild of my Compass/Fuel reader for my Ford F250 Super Duty. It works like a charm. It had been acting weird for a while and then just died. You fixed it and returned it very quickly. Thanks again. If ever someone has a like problem I will recommend you. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

Kevin K.

You saved me about $1500 over the dealer quote.

I just installed the Audi TT instrument panel that you repaired and wanted to send a note of appreciation for a job well done. Service was fast and precise and your instructions easy to understand. I’ve only started the car and run it for a few minutes but the display looks great! You saved me about $1500 over the dealer quote for the same work! Anyone with instrument panel problems–especially the LED failure common to the older model Audi TT’s–should definitely consider your service.
Thanks again.


All the temp and fuel gauge problems are gone…

Many thanks for repairing my Audi TT cluster, it even looks new. After reinstalling it the car started first time. All the temp and fuel gauge problems are gone, and the new center display is fantastic!


Appreciate everyone’s hard work and helpful attitudes.

Just wanted to write and thank Mari and Terry for their help in getting a dash console repaired and returned so quickly. Thanks to Terry’s help in discovering that our Issaquah location showed one-day FedEx shipping without paying the express premium, we saved more than $60 and still got the part in time to deliver to our customer over the weekend. Thanks also to the technician for handling the repairs rapidly. We appreciate everyone’s hard work and helpful attitudes.

Conrad & Sue Ann
SpensCSA Enterprises

2000 Audi A4 Cluster Repair

Just a note to let Mark know that the instrument cluster he repaired for me (job #60798 2000 Audi A4) worked perfectly the moment I plugged it in and turned on the ignition. The tach and associated time and date pixels are working great. Thanks very much for your time and work. I’ll recommend you to friends and forums.

Mark P.

Cluster rebuild

Hi, you all did a great job. I put it back in today and all works fine. Even the odometer is much more clear than before.

Woodland Hills, CA

Audi TT cluster rebuild

I installed the rebuilt instrument cluster non my wife’s TT this weekend – and everything appears to be working perfectly. Thanks much for the fast turn-around! And thanks for the extra instructions regarding the immobilizer. The car did quit the first time I tried to start it – but after following your instructions, all is well.

George T.

Right blend of customer service and quality workmanship

You folks have found the right blend of customer service and quality workmanship at a reasonable price. American trained craftsmen are the only way to go for us in this segment of the auto parts repair industry.

ABS Automotive
San Mateo, CA

VW TDI Cluster

Hi guys, just wanted to let you know the gauges and window are working great! Thanks for the quick turnaround and hard work J I will recommend you on TDI Club.com if that’s OK with you?

Mitchell M.
TowneUSDA-Farm Service Agency

Audi cluster center LCD issue

I just wanted to leave a testimonial for your website. After having ModuleMaster repair my ABS Module for my Audi and experiencing a very quick turn around time and professional service I figured I would go back to them for my Instrument Cluster. ModuleMaster did a great job once again! The center part of the cluster was missing massive amounts of pixels and was also very dark and hard to see. I sent my cluster in on a Thursday and received the Cluster back the following Monday. My Instrument Cluster looks like new as you can see in the picture. Way to go MM!

Big Al

2001 Ford F250 Info Display

I just received, installed and test drove the 2001 F-250 Information Module you repaired and I wanted to Thank You once again. It’s perfect. From the time I first contacted you to receiving back the perfectly repaired module, I have found your organization to be superlative and will recommend you to one and all. So many service organizations provide less than expected services. Module Master, however, is a gem. You should be proud.
Thanks again…

Andy G.
Durham, NC

Mercedes dealer quoted $2400 for new cluster

I was very pleased with your service and quick turn around of my instrument cluster. it worked like new, thanks for your help.
PS my Mercedes dealer quoted me $2400.00.

Jim G.

Your install instructions were spot on

Thank you very much for your great customer service, your install instructions were spot on, made the installation very easy, What a terrific service your company does for the public, thanks again.

Ivan R.

2003 Audi TT

Good afternoon…. I just received the instrument cluster back yesterday for the wifes 2003 Audi TT. It worked perfectly. I was a little skeptical about sending it out, figuring it can’t be this easy since the dealer wants over a $1,000 for this repair. Well it was that easy, it looks great and works even better. Thanks again and enjoy the long weekend. I will definately tell whoever needs components repaired to send it to Module Master..

Dan W.

Clock repair

I installed the clock today and it works great! If every company in America worked as efficiently as you do, we wouldn’t have any problems today. Thanks so much.

Steve B.




2001 Audi A4

I’d just like to say how completely satisfied I was with my Audi gauge cluster repair. You guys went over and beyond to fix my gauge cluster I messed up, trying to fix the LCD screen myself. Not to mention, at a reasonable $150 + shipping and the awesome warranty provided with the fix. This shows Craftsmanship and confidence in your repairs. Also mark from tech support was down to earth and honest, big help in my decision to send product to module masters. Thanks again module masters!!!

Jimmy O.

4 months later, my car is running like a champ

Hi there, I just wanted to drop you in a quick line to say how enjoyable it was doing business with you! Back in October, I was frustrated in not being able to properly diagnose a series of “idiot” lights on my dash and through the magic of the internet, I was able to learn about your service and solution to my problem. Of course, I was initially skeptical about doing business with a company I know nothing about however, after two calls to you, I felt like giving you my business was the right thing to do. It’s now 4 months later, my car is running like a champ and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. Thank you for providing a professional service at an affordable price. Keep it up!

Dan M.
Aurora, CO

LCD unreadable when hot

Hi: I got my instrument cluster back from you some time ago, and I just wanted to tell you how wonderful is to be able to see that information again. I can look forward to going into summer (when the warmer temperatures made it impossible to see any of the info) without having to worry about not being able to see the various warning symbols.

Lisa L.
Ann Arbor, Michigan

You have a believer in me

To whom it may concern: I received my rebuilt instrument cluster today and must say I am really surprised – in a really good way! The shipment return was prompt, the packaging on return was well done and was very clean – almost like brand new. I installed the unit in my Suburban and am back underway. Thanks much for the great service. My shipper on this end had failed to put the paper in that I had printed out so you would know who had shipped the device. You took the time to sort through information that was not readily shown on the packing information and called to find me. Again – such a surprise in today’s usually non-customer-focused business. You have a believer in me and a long term customer should the need arise on this vehicle or any other modules.

Michael D.

Cluster looks (and works) fantastic

Mari – Just wanted to say I’m back in town and installed the cluster panel and it looks (and works) fantastic, thanks for everything :