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I searched everywhere to replace my module with little luck the ones I did find were no returns so if it didnt work too bad. I was skeptical about having it rebuilt but I finally just said ok and did it. I am so glad I did got it back in 3 days and plugged it in and works perfectly. I would defiantly recommend this place so satisfied.

Tena Hill
Dunn NC

Porsche LCD

The LCD heater display on my 2000 Boxster S had large orange patches on it, making it difficult to use.
The replacement from Module Master was a perfect fit and easy to install. Their instructions were the best I have seen in 40 years as a mechanic.
The display colour is the perfect match to the old one and now has heater information I had never seen.
I would not hesitate to recommend this product

Doug Friesen
Stoney Creek Ontario

Impressive Service!

Thank you so much for the excellent clock rebuild on my 1997 Jaguar XJ6.
Your one day turnaround time was awesome.
The numbers and lighting are perfect!
Thanks again!

David M Luke

2006 Highlander Climate Control Unit

If you’re having issues (temp control/fan level etc.) with your CCU send it to these guys. Their legit!! I had major reservations sending my part to someone online. So much could go wrong right?? After getting quotes from $750-1000 I decided to take the plunge. Here’s how it went down. I removed the part (30 min max, really easy, youtube videos..c’mom) on a Saturday morning and shipped it off from California. They received it on Monday and I got the part back on Thursday. Really? And safely packaged too. I got my heat back! YEA!! Just an awesome experience of great service. I highly recommend MM.

Adam B

Great Experience!

I ordered a Porsche Climate Control LCD Rebuild Kit from your company. The kit was delivered quickly but I put off the rebuild as I had never done this and was not sure how hard it would be. Finally, I just decided not to put if off any longer, sat down at the kitchen table, and did it. The directions were easy to follow and the whole process went very quickly. The result is perfect.

Thanks for a quality product and great service. I couldn’t be happier with how things went. I would definitely recommend your company to others.

Brad Hackleman
10658 E New Ross Road, New Ross, IN 47968

Porsche Boxster LCD repair kit

Perfect! Shipped the same day, instructions were accurate, took only about 20 min start to finish.

Bill McCune

Great and quick service

ModuleMaster received my inoperable 2005 Toyota Highlander’s heater control unit on Monday. It was repaired and shipped out the next day by FedEx and I received it on Thursday. It works flawlessly and the packaging couldn’t have been better. Thank you ModuleMaster for warming up the winter.

Dann Shively
folsom, CA

Porsche LCD replacement

Fantastic ! I’ve put up with a gradually worsening display in my Porsche 911 for the last 4 years before finally accepting its needs sorting out. Found your LCD replacement package on the internet and decided it was worth a try.
What can I say – I ordered the product on a Friday afternoon in Sheffield, UK and it arrived the following Wednesday morning. I usually expect longer delivery just within the U.K, never mind from the U.S.A !! The item was well packaged with full, clear instructions. I’m not a mechanic, but I had replaced the unit with its new LCD screen in about 30 mins which now looks better than the original.
I fully recommend both your company and its excellent product – should have found you 4 years ago !! Many thanks.


Repaired A/C Module

I had a hard time trying to diagnose my problem with my A/C module for my 2002 Toyota Highlander. I sent my unit to another company but they did not fix the problem. I spoke with Chad at Module Master and his knowledge of my part put me at ease and I shipped my part with confidence knowing it would at least be checked for all problems. My part was quickly returned and WORKING! I can not thank you all enough! I was very impressed with how my product was returned. Protected very well with foam insulation, labeled well with void warranty stickers and to my surprise a 5 year warranty on repairs! If any one is hesitant on sending anything to Module Master please send them my way, I will gladly share my experience. Saved me tons! Thank you Again!

Colby Paiva
South Florida

Very impressed with your repair kit

I bought a kit to repair the A/C control for my 2003 Porsche Boxter. I don’t normally give testimonials but your kit with the instructions was so well done I had the control rebuilt in a couple of hours and everything works better than new. I was especially impressed with the instructions being on a thumb drive and how you covered all the possible ways the disassembly and reassembly could run into trouble and how to correct things! Congrats to whoever put the kit together.

Frank Trainer
Fountain Hills Arizona

If it ain’t broke….

Great service, fast turnaround, and work done correctly the first time. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it- but, if it is send it to ModuleMasters .

James L. Dorsey

Like New!

Found Modulemaster on Porsche BB. Could not believe the AC/Htr Module could be repaired with Kit, or send in for repair. Cost was more than resonable. Module was returned in less than 7 days, works perfect, like new. Thanks Modulemaster.

Ken Morgan
Granbury, Texas

I Can See My Climate Contols Again

Past few years my wife has been driving her 2002 Boxster without being able to see any of her climate control settings. Dealers do not repair these, they only replace: replacement price was ridiculous. Searched for used replacement, but problem was that these units are very vehicle specific. I was concerned I’d get one that ultimately was not compatible with my vehicle. Stumbled on your posting while searching EBay. You would repair my climate control module, you would restore everything, LCD’s, non working switches etc. Sounded good to me and I did not have to be concerned with buying the wrong climate control module. And it’s guaranteed for 5 yrs. vs. used that could develop same issues as my current unit within weeks or days even. It was a no-brainer. Cost was right, everything sounded right. I think from the time I shipped my unit till the time I received it was less then 7 days. I re-installed the CC unit in about 5 minutes and incredibly everything was working like new–actually maybe better then new, the LCD’s seemed brighter. I could not be happier. You guys even solved my stupidity issue when I mistakenly ordered this multiple times on EBay and I kept getting messages to pay for the mistakenly ordered items. One phone call to you and you straightened out issue caused by my stupidity. You guys don’t promote yourselves enough. I had no idea how much stuff you guys really do, till I looked at my receipt and found your website. Thanks

Morris West
Pennington NJ

Climate control repair kit

I just received the LCD kit for the climate control for my newly acquired 2002 Porsche 911. I have just installed it and wanted to let you know how well the repair went. Your directions were very precise and the accompanying pictures left no doubt how to proceed. I didn’t note the time it took to complete but it seemed like no time at all and most importantly it works perfectly. The quote from the dealer to replace the entire unit was $1000 for the part and another $200 for labor, so you saved me a lot of money. Thanks!!

Howard C.

Porsche Climate Control LCD Repair Kit

I fitted my new LCD in my 996C4S this morning, it was a piece of cake! Your instructions are concise and easy to follow – anyone could do it.Thank you for a first class service

Best regards,


Windows and convertible top working again.

I reinstalled the comfort control module that you repaired and everything works again! Thanks so much. I know you didn’t list the repair on your website, but you suggested sending it in (along with my instrument cluster), to see what you could do. In addition to my windows and convertible top working again, my phantom battery drain has also gone away. Just wanted to let you know that the repair worked.

Best regards,

Darin B.

Climate Control LCD Replacement Kit

What a great service and fast delivery you offer. This early morning the package did arrive already. So after a coffee break I did replace the LCD and within 30 minutes the climate control in the car was fully functional again.

Thanks again for the service and fast response. Highly recommended.

Maurice H.
The Netherlands

Installed my A6 climate control and everything works like new.

Mari, you have been most kind and very patient with me. You have helped me solve my $125.00 mystery. Please tell ever one at modulemaster that I have installed my A6 climate control and ever thing works like new, just in time for our Nor-Easter snow storm, I now have a working defroster. Also, you have solved my Audi TT battery going dead and coolant temp. Gage going to HOT as soon as I start. Both Audi’s are fine thanks to Modulemaster. I have told all of our local service facilities to sent you business.
Very Happy.

William S.E.

You saved me $1,800.00

First like to say THANK YOU. I had my climate control modulator fix by your techs and saved me $1,800.00 keep up the good work and the rep. I talk to believe her name is Laura couldn’t me any more helpful and very nice over the phone and thank you again.
A very happy customer

Osvaldo S.

Right blend of customer service and quality workmanship

You folks have found the right blend of customer service and quality workmanship at a reasonable price. American trained craftsmen are the only way to go for us in this segment of the auto parts repair industry.

ABS Automotive
San Mateo, CA

Porsche climate control LCD repair kit

I thought I’d let you know that the kit arrived on the 3rd working day and I installed it a week ago. The instructions were brilliant and it did exactly what it said. The install took about 40 careful minutes and at the end, it worked perfectly. I have shared your web site with the local Porsche franchise and am telling anyone who will listen. I am now an advocate of yours. It’s great for a company to fill a niche like this that saves owners from pointlessly large repair bills. Please thank all your colleagues.

Pete L.
Register, London

LCD Repair kit

I want to thank you for your effort to provide me the correct display that is also of exceptional quality. I received it and installed it myself today and it’s great! It was my pleasure working with you, thanks. Here is a photo of the installed display, its good as the original and it seems that is even of a higher build quality.

Borce T
Software Engineer

Porsche LCD repair kit

I just want to commend you for the great product and documentation that you provided for my 2003 Porsche Boxster. When the LCD on my climate control became garbled and difficult to read, I priced getting it fixed at the dealership as well as import auto repair shops. The Porsche dealership quoted me $650 for a new climate control panel and $300 labor. The import auto repair shop quoted me $450 for a used panel and labor. I instead ordered the repair kit for $53 and $8 shipping. I completed the repair in less than an hour. The directions provided were detailed yet easy to follow. If you can handle a screwdriver and pliers, and can plug/unplug a couple of power feeds, you can do this yourself easily and save HUNDREDS of $$. By the way, the woman I spoke with when ordering your product was also very customer friendly and helpful. Nice doing business with you!

Marc R.
Pleasant, SC

These (Jaguar) modules break for everyone

My name is Anton, I recently sent in my jaguar climate control module and I was very impressed with your service and how well the repair was done, not to mention the ton of money you saved me. I wanted to show my appreciation by recommending you to a jaguar owners forum I’m on. I’m sure this will bring you some business because these modules break for everyone.
Once again thanks for everything,

Anton S.
Owner, SR Automotive Detailing

Great example of HOW to do business

I ordered a replacement for my Porsche 2000 Climate control LCD display. You guys rock! The quality of the shipping, of the product and of the instructions… WOW… Keep on doing what you do… Many other businesses could use you as a great example of HOW to do business. Thanks again

Quebec, Canada