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Great business and glad I found them.

I had an intermittent ABS, TCS, CEL, and no tachometer on my 2003 9-3 Saab.
The internet, YouTube, and blogs pointed me towards the ABS module and these guys.
I’m a retired ET and have seen cold solder joints throughout my career.
I defiantly recommend this company.
All the Best!
Peter S.

Pete Sickinger
Paso Robles, CA

A Genuinely Customer-Oriented Company

Highest-quality rebuild and ultra-fast turn around on my 2002 GMC Yukon ABS module. Not to mention exceptional price. I’m a big fan of this team!


Service above and Beyound

I dealt with Lesli regarding a broken pin on an ABS Module for my BMW X5. Not only did they fix the pin for a very reasonable cost, the technician opened up the previously repaired module (by another company) to get a visual sense of the quality of the rest of the unit. Diagnostic testing was also done to insure they would be returning a properly functioning ABS unit to me.
Throughout the whole process the technicians and Lesli were polite, professional and responsive. They kept me apprised of what was going on with the repair and shared my sense of urgency as I wanted to get this unit back in my BMW X5 before the winter weather sets in here in the northeast.

I can definitely commend and recommend Module Masters to anyone who needs their services. The quality of service was well worth the price!

Thank You All at Module Masters!

John Reid
2A Windsor Place Lynbrook NY 11563

yukon abs module

my module arrived today in very good condition installed it reinstalled fuse no pump running and lights are of on dash thanks very much very good job quick turn around also

vern mcconkey
sheridan oregon 97378

Great Service

I sent in the ABS module for my Buick. The part was diagnosed, fixed and returned much quicker than the promised turn-around time. It worked perfectly after it was reinstalled. Would definitely recommend ModuleMaster!

Rainer Stellrecht

My DSC pump rebuild

I have to say I was hesitant at first with attempting this job myself. But after some research and speaking with your informative staff. I went for it. Your teams professionalism and information was top notch. I pulled the pump mailed it to you guys and got a call that it arrived and will be worked on. Then the call that it was done and ready to be shipped back. I reinstalled it and it is working perfectly. Thank you again and I will be recommending you to all I know.


Raymond E Figueroa

Rare Integrity

My motorcycle ABS unit quit. New replacement unit cost = $3000.00+ not including labor. (That is a true from the dealer cost.) Bought a used one off the web ($125.00), sent to Module Master, they sent it back with the note that it was in perfect working order with NO Charge. I installed it and it works! How wonderful to experience old school customer service, honesty, and integrity. I am sending the faulty one for repair today! Awesome! Wonderful!

Stuart R Downey
Atlanta, GA

1999 BMW Z3 , ABS Module

My local automotive repair place said my 1999 BMW Z3 needed a new ABS pump $2,300 and another $2,000 to install it. I removed the ABS module myself on Saturday overnighted it to Module Master on Monday had the repaired Module back Friday reinstalled it Saturday. Worked perfectly, no more ABS light or ASC light. $150.00 to repair. Perfect communication with me answered all my questions. Couldn’t believe how well Module Master packaged the Module to ship it back. Highly recommend Module Master.

Charles Richardson

Ford ABS Module Repair Saved Me Hundreds $$$$ – Thanks!

Shortly before my son, who is in the US Coast Guard, went to sea this year, his 2010 Ford Explorer dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree displaying ABS, brake, and traction control warnings. I ran an ABS scanner which read a 1342 code revealing a fault in the ABS module. After my son set sail, I took the SUV to a local shop and had the scanner diagnosis confirmed. I have used this shop before for services I cannot do myself and have always received reasonable quotes for work that is always well done. They do follow the tech manuals however, and ended up quoting me $1350 before taxes to replace both the module and pump as a unit. That simply wouldn’t work for either my son’s budget or mine so I began to search for alternatives other than just running the SUV sans ABS. Googling the internet revealed a limited number of businesses that specialized in repairing or rebuilding such modules. I contacted two closer to home and was told politely that this module couldn’t be repaired. I inquired at ModuleMaster last because they are situated furthest from home. They responded right-away and asked a number of questions about the ABS module and requested I send them some photos if possible. I did and to my relief learned that they were willing to effect repairs. It took me a day to remove the module and get it in the mail. I had it back in 5 days and installed it the next day and bled the brakes on the second. The codes cleared and it has been running like a top in the week since. ModuleMaster did good work, had it done quickly, and saved me over a thousand dollars. I am a very happy, very satisfied customer and would recommend them highly without hesitation.

Gregg Nozum
Meridianville, Alabama

VW Passat ABS repair – Another success!

Another success on our 2nd VW Passat ABS module. Module Master repaired the first one a couple years ago and it’s still working well. Now, our 2nd Passat developed the same problem, so the ABS module went off to Module Master. Again, they repaired and tested the unit and it was back to us in days. A quick install (getting good at it by now) and all dashboard warning messages are gone and the car is back to normal. Thank you Module Master – you’re great!

David Kennison


I just want to thank Lesli and the whole team at MM. They were up front with me regarding my issue with my Mercedes SBC unit. They repaired in a time they quoted, and was at my door as planned. Had my mechanic reinstall and still no go. Ended up at my local Southern California MB dealer which replaced because of a past warranty. Long story short, MB dealer replaced the unit and I told MM, and they still gave me a refund because the repair didn’t work. Not sure how many businesses stand up to there work like Module Masters.

If I have any issues like this again, they will be the first to contact.


Forever customer,
Paul Mittan

Paul Mittan

Rebuild Worked As Advertised

I read about rebuilding ABS modules on BMW chat sites and decided to give it a try versus paying $1900 for a factory replacement. Module master repaired the unit in a couple of days, so that the process took one week including shipping. I reinstalled the unit and, Voila! It worked!

Jerry Boortz
Fort Collins, CO

Value and quality of service

I have been a DIY mechanic for over 45 years, and competent in all areas of auto repair. My wife was really getting worried that we would have let her beloved ML320 go. The cost of a new ABS unit from Mercedes is about half of what the car is worth. My wife and I want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of service your company provides. We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct business. We will recommended your company to others because of our satisfaction with your service. We look forward to doing business with you for years to come. God Bless you and your employees.

Andre Moore
Altadena, Clifornia

Love doing business with them!

These guys know their stuff!! We are a German vehicle repair facility and these guys have fixed several different ABS modules for us already — allowing us to offer our customers better prices on otherwise extremely costly repairs! We will continue to turn to them for our module rebuilding needs when the occasion arises! Thanks Module Master!

Lauren Breiner

BMW anti lock module

The shop stated cost to repair would be greater than $3,000.00. Pulled the module myself following the instructions from this site. Job took 20 minutes. Shipped the module and had it back within 5 days. They took the time to call me with a summary when the module shipped. Reinstalled, cleared codes and no lights!! Total cost with shipping, $380.00. HUGE SAVING!!!

Highly recommend Module Masters. They are professional and do great work.

George Schuster

ABS and Brake Light

Outstanding service from modulemaster!!! Had ABS and Brake Light Intermittent after Engine start on my Silverado 1500. Sent module to them on a Monday got one back on Thursday. Been in car a little over a week now with no issues. Great service and can not beat a 5 year warranty. Thanks Modulemaster!!!!

Perry Hester

I searched on the internet

I searched on the internet for a company that could possibly fix the problems I was having with my 2009 Toyota Camry.The ABS module went bad and I just bought the car recently and used.The issue with the car when this occurs is there is no speedometer,no a/c,and brake light on.They wanted 2000-3000 dollars at the dealership to fix it.I decided to give modulemaster a try and let me tell you it was the best decision I ever made.They fixed the component and sent it back to me when promised and when I put it in my car, it was fixed and it performs like new again.They are just amazing and I want to say thank you.

Scott Blanton
Charleston, SC

Scott Blanton

A GREAT transaction!!!

I purchased an ABS pump assembly for my GMC Envoy, from a junk yard to try and fix my ABS issue. The unit I purchased ended up having a bad module. Fortunately, the one that was on my vehicle was good and I only needed the pump motor. I contacted ModuleMaster and wanted to know if they buy cores to rebuild. They explained to me how it works, emailed me the form to send in with my core module, and off it went in the mail. I mailed it out on a Monday, and on Friday I had $60.00 deposited in my PayPal account! Thanks for the fast transaction, and great communication. I will DEFFINEATELY be contacting them if I ever need their services again.

Brad Y.

Brad Yorgy
Central PA

Great service and value. Saved me alot of money for a part that had a simple problem.

ModuleMaster is truly a life saver! If you have a BMW e60 M5 and have your hydraulic pump and motor throw the dreaded 5DF0 & 5DF1 with ABS errors on the dash. You need these great folks to take a look. This unit new is over $3,000 and the electric motor that needs repair is factory sealed making servicing impossible. MM to the rescue. They were prompt, professional, and I did it all online. Brilliant. Worth every penny since they serviced the entire unit and your ABS is nothing to mess around with, just contact MM. Thanks a million!

Greg Backus
Ashburn, VA

Had my BMW Z3 ABS

Had my BMW Z3 ABS module rebuilt by your company, just got it back in the mail, put it in, it works beautifully!

Marcus Eicher

just a note to let

just a note to let you know i just installed my rebuilt brake module and it work great bmw 528i

Phillip J. Mayer

Excellent Work with Amazing Savings

Thanks guys for doing an amazing job with my 335i ABS control assembly (pump motor rebuild)! With your help, the $3500 (dealership cost) repair took no time and saved almost 90% of the cost.

Neil Carson

This is my second time

This is my second time using modulemaster’s services. Several years ago they rebuilt my 1999 Silverado’s ABS module. This time my Volvo XC90 ABS module. Both times the rebuild fixed the problem. Modulemaster has saved me hundreds of dollars. Quick and reliable, good communications.

Tom Schaidhammer

je tiens a vous remercier / I want to thank you

je tiens a vous remercier pour le travail qui a été exécute sur le module de ma bmw 2007 et de ma voir répondu a mes e-mails .continuez votre bon travail. merci

“I want to thank you for the work that has been done on the module of my bmw 2007 and to see my replies to my emails. Continue your good work. thank you” – via Google translate

jean-pierre valiquette

Save me $1,839.00

I have 2007 Toyota Camary. The ABS module went bad and the quote to replace it was $2100.00. My air conditioner and dash gauges quite working and I had to fix it. I was so upset about the price so I went to youtube and goggle and found Module Master. I research them and I overnight my module to them on a Tuesday. I received it back on Monday only 6 days after I sent it. I put the rebuild module in my car and I was so happy that my air and dash gauges work. I saved $1739.00, I recommend them to anyone.

Thank you for your great service.
Michael C.

Michael Contreras

These guys rock!

I have sent in 2 BMW Bosch ABS modules. One came back and they could not find anything wrong
with it. Turned out the ABS Module was fine, it was a wheel speed sensor.

The other Module is from a BMW X5 E53. I was getting all kinds of dash lights.
Without even troubleshooting the ABS system, I sent in my Module.
These Bosch modules are poorly placed from the manufacturer. Anyway, the module
was full of problems. They fixed me right up. Very quick shipping, service, and communication.

About the price, it’s not cheap. There are others that repair these modules.
With my 100% perfect record with Module Masters, it’s worth paying the price to get
the module repaired right. You always get what you pay for.

Greg Massey
Dallas Texas

BMW 335i DME

Fast service, effective repair, excellent communication! Highly recommend for the known MOSFET repair to the 2007-2008 BMW MSD80 DME.

Josh Stichter

Excellent work

I have used module master on 2 occasions for my 2004 Chevy Suburban. The first time for the ABS module and the second time for the instrument cluster. In both cases both were repaired and returned quickly, both worked perfectly. I recommend module master without any reservations!

Mike Dondero
Long Beach, CA

Awesome Service!

Shipped my module on Monday at 4:30, received it back before lunch Friday. All problems with ABS and ASC corrected. Receipt says they “re-flowed multi-in connector, pump motor pins and CPU chips. I am more than please considering my locak BMW tech quoted me over $1000 to replace module.

Steve Lake
Indio CA

Could Not be Happier!

My BMW dealer informed me my 2007 Z4 had a bad ABS/DTC module and that it needed to be replaced. I was told it would be about $4,000! I did some “homework” on the internet and found a number of videos on how to remove the module. I also found your company.
the task was not that difficult. You repaired the unit and I had it back within two weeks. Installation was easy enough (although I wish I had smaller hands and fingers). I still have to bleed the brakes, but have enough pedal to road test it – no more warning lights! I cannot understand where BMW gets off charging what they do. The total job cost to me was around $300 and about five hours in labor. I cannot recommend you enough. Job well done and nice people to talk with as well.


Peter Kane
New Paltz, New York

Happy customer…

ModuleMaster rebuilt the ABS module in my 17-year old car a few months ago, and it’s been working great since. The alternative was a new one priced at about $1500, so Modulemaster’s service allowed me to keep my old car on the road. Many thanks!

Rocky Adornato
Sammamish, WA

Toyota Camry

Even though everyone says toyota camry abs module cannot be rebuilt. Module master had me send it in and were able to repair. Here goes over a year later still works (knock on wood). Will definitely use again if i ever need any modules rebuilt. Thank you very much module master.


ModuleMaster repaired my Bosch 5.3

ModuleMaster repaired my Bosch 5.3 ABS module exactly as advertised. On time service, good packaging. After re-installation in Olds Intrigue, all warning lights off and traction control available, ABS tested successfully. In addition, they epoxied dime-sized hole and cracks in module casing. Very satisfied.

Andrew Burgess

2001 Dodge ABS Module

ABS Pump ran continuously. Found your service on Dodge forums and was glad I did. Fast and reasonably priced (saving hundreds!) my pickup is back on the road. THANK YOU! GOOD WORK!

R Allen

2001 VW Passat, Couldn’t be Happier!!

My wife’s Passat had dashboard lights – Check Engine, ABS, Brake System and Oil Pressure. A quick web search revealed that this is a common Passat problem, all caused by a fault in the ABS module. Dealer only sells a new module with the attached hydraulic control assembly – $1,500-$2,500 with all the labor. Module Master was highly recommended in on-line forums. It took a bit to figure out how to remove the module (had to remove the LF wheel and wheel well liner) and that process took 2 hours. But I got it done and sent it to Module Master and they cleaned and repaired and shipped it within 2 days. The whole process was done within 1 week and the car ran fine with the module removed, just without ABS function. Reinstallation took 1 hour and it all works beautifully. I’d highly recommend Module Master and couldn’t be happier!

David Kennison
Niskayuna, NY

Excellent work

I’ve used Module Master twice. Once for my Yukon and now for my Suburban. They do excellent work and there have been no problems. I will use them in the future and definitely recommend them.

Don Wood

Happy Customer

My wife’s BMW 750i recently had it’s ABS module fail. My buddy Chris, who owns an indy BMW shop in Berkeley, CA, suggested I try Module Master for this repair. The module was easy to remove and Module Master’s packaging and shipping instructions were specific and easy to follow. Because I am on the west coast, we were without the car for a few days, but the quality of the rebuild and the massive savings were worth it! On this particular vintage, Module Master fixed a factory flaw in the electrical circuit, virtually eliminating the same failure in the future. I am pleased with the quality of their work, their turn around time and their pricing. I have already recommended Module Master to several people with different makes of car, and I will continue to recommend them. Thank you Module Master!

Thomas Miller
Orinda, CA


08/16 sent in a module/pump from a 11500 mile 2001 BMW Z3 3.0 and they rebuilt pump along with repair kit to module. They have a long standing credibility on BMW Forums and Blogs. Approximately over 70% of these modules fail from 1996 to 2008 on BMW series. Thank you for correcting Bosch’s defective error. The code was cleared out. I had a professional certified shop install it and completely flush all old brake fluid out of system. NO lights on and firm pedal. Thank you for your workmanship and quick turn around.

Bruce Michals
Ankeny IA

2007 Toyota Camry ABS Module Rebuild

I sent off the module for rebuild and received it back within a week. It is installed and my car is back in service and working great. Having the option to get this part rebuilt was the only reason I decided to keep my car because I was considering purchasing a new one. Thank you so much for the great service and quick turnaround. I would definitely use you again and recommend you!

Peggy Jenkins

Extremely satisfied with entire service.

I have been without ABS in my 03 Ford Lightning now for about 2 years. After getting a $1500 quote from the dealer I decided to just not have ABS anymore. The dash light was what really got me looking into alternatives and I figured driving around in a 450 horsepower truck without ABS was probably not a good idea. I came upon Module Master and was a little hesitant at first but after a phone call and some questions answered from a helpful employee I decided it was worth a gamble. I followed the instructions and got it back a few days after it arrived. Easily went back in and was ecstatic to fire it up without my ABS light on the dash and everything working just like new. Highly suggest getting this service from Module Master. I could not be more satisfied.

Jeff Harper

Meu ABS voltou / My ABS returned

Muito feliz com a volta do meu ABS funcionando em perfeitas condições. Obrigado.

“Very happy with the return of my ABS working in perfect condition.  Thank you.” – Translated using Google


luiz antonio
brasil/ Rio de janeiro

ABS Light gone, problem solved!!!

Have an 02 Tahoe that had the Abs light come on, when I removed mine I saw the prior owners name written on it so I know it had been already replaced before, I saw this website and decided to give them a try, They are what they advertise, fast shipping, friendly customer service and knowledgeable staff! I wouldnt hesistate to use them again.

Derick Davis

Job well done

Just installed my 07 Camry ABS working great fix my problem//great company helped with all my needs and fast and reliable has described on there web


Great Service, Great Price Great Shipping!

Recently was in need of a Bmw ABS-DSC Module. I acquired it through EBay from Module Masters. Ordered it on Tuesday, it arrived on Thursday. I installed it, coded it and my lights were out and ABS was fully operational. Thanks so much for the excellent attention you gave me. I highly recommend Module masters to any and all who are in need of this or any other servive they provide.You wont be disappointed, Believe Me!

Michael Deery

Super Satisfied!

The DSC module on my BMW 335i died (Dealer had replaced just before warranty expired 2 years ago). Returned to dealer and was told no choice but to replace entire module. Quote was $4,000. I decided to live with it rather than spend that much on a 7 year old car. Very aggravating to drive! After about six months, I decided DSC had to be repaired so started reading forums and searching Internet for alternatives. Module master came up several times and comments were all positive. I found their web site, contacted them, received a quote, and shipped to them. I received the repaired DSC, installed it, and bled the brakes. All warning lights disappeared after driving less than a block! Took the car to an Indy and had it scanned. No codes, all good. Wow! Module Master people know what the’re doing. Very professional, great service, great warranty, great experience! Saved me a ton! Can’t say enough! Highly recommend. Thank you!

Kenneth clark
Leslie, Arkansas

I fixed it!!!!

Or rather you fixed it. So easy to remove the abs module from my old bmw, ship it by mail across the border and have it reinstalled in less than 3 weeks. Great job packing and returning…… great staff that knew exactly where the module was and when it would be finished. Really great company doing great work. Thank you so much for helping me get that old car running again…. with abs.

Richard Brown
Canmore, Alberta

Joined the list of totally satisfied customers

It was not a fun day when my ’07 BMW experienced the ABS “trifecta.” A quick google search returned that this repair could be potentially $3,400. More searches led to modulemaster.com and DIY. In contacting modulemaster, I found that they answer the phone, they conduct online chats, they respond to emails. This is in my mind is crucial to a great customer service experience. I was planning on reinstalling my pump on a weekend, but when it came in the middle of the week, I decided to do reinstall it that very evening. My ABS/DSC/brake trifecta was cleared! The road happened to be wet that night, and I confirmed I have ABS again! Not that I want anything else to break on my car, but I look forward to using your services again in the future, and am telling everyone I know about the great work that you do! Thanks again. John

John Wu

Bailed out again.

This is the second time I’ve used Modulemaster to repair a malfunctioning EBCM on a GM product. I’m beginning to find that these are seemingly high failure rate items, due to poor solder connections or corrosion problems. The particular auto I’m working on is a Buick LeSabre with around 56,000 miles on it, the previous was an S-10 pickup with around 48,000 miles on it. I removed the module after extensive testing of wiring harness connections, wheel sensors and trouble codes. Each were sent to Modulemaster via mail and the turnaround time was excellent, (less than a week total). Both modules that I received from these guys was installed and all lights, warning system codes, and braking problems disappeared after I put in the rebuilt modules. The price was VERY reasonable, considering that the GM OEM modules can be in the thousands. I don’t know how durable the rebuilds are, but I have one customer that now has a rebuild from Module master that is going on 4 years. I would recommend this business to anyone who can use a rebuilt module on a customer’s car, (some insist on new parts), as I’ve had nothing but good luck with them. If they are as competent on dashboard clusters they will soon be my Go To guys for that as well, I’m VERY satisfied. W Bistranin

William M Bistranin

My 2002 Silverado’s ABS would

My 2002 Silverado’s ABS would activate for no reason, almost causing me to hit a pole in front of a parking space. The ABS and brake warning lights were on, too. I removed the module and sent it to Module Master. They repaired it quickly, called me for my credit card information, and shipped it on a Thursday. I received it and installed it two days later and it works like it’s supposed to. It was packed well and you could tell they took pride in the repair. Thanks, Module Master! I will definitely recommend your service to other people!

Brian Orr
Sulphur Springs, TX

Awesome service!

I sent my Pontiac Grand Prix abs ecm to be rebuilt and it was fixed, shipped and received back at my house all on time! Thanks to all the employees at Module Master.

Debra Chinowith
Victoria TX

BMW ABS problem solved!

My E39 540i was giving me the trifecta of ABS/brake/DSC warning lights, and when replacing the wheel speed sensor (as indicated by my mechanic) didn’t solve the problem, we suspected the ABS module as the culprit. So I shipped the module (very easy removal process) to module master and had it back within 7 days and reinstalled it: instantly the warning lights went away and they have been gone for a month now. Saved me $400 over replacing!

Clayton Abel

abs repair

Great repair and turn around on repair of my ABS. ground. At any rate FIRST CLASS repair and at a great cost.

Brian Shannon

Extremely Satisfied with Module for BMW

I recently had the module for my 2000 BMW rebuilt by Module Masters and am extremely satisfied with their work. I had some questions before sending in the module and was extremely pleased that the phone was answered by a person and I didn’t have to go through the prompts of automated messaging. The module was shipped back quickly. I just reinstalled it ,started it up and it works perfectly. Very highly recommend! Thanks Module Masters for saving me hundreds, yes hundreds, of dollars!

A Brooks
Milwaukee, Wi

Sent in my ABS module

Sent in my ABS module and they fixed it. I am so Happy. Thanks Guys

Daniel Lazaroff

Bosch 5.3 module 1999 VW Passat

Thank you for your good work. The module is back on the car and works perfectly. The 5 year warranty is a bonus.

I will give you a good shout out on PassatWorld forums when I log on in the next few days. I will post under the original code and give a solution.


Randy L.

**transposed from an email we received on 3/29/2015 sent to info@modulemaster.com**

Great Service

Have used several ABS modules and had a Instrument cluster rebuilt. Great service and great products.

Dan Raske

ABS module Chevy Blazer 2002

Your service is great!!! I installed the module followed your instructions and everything worked like a champ. Your service saved me big bucks thanks again!!!

John D.

**transposed from an email we received on 3/24/2015 sent to info@modulemaster.com**

John D.

KH ABS Module 2004 S10 Blazer 4WD

Just a quick note to let you know the module worked fine and solved the problem. Good service all around.

Charles U.

**transposed from an email we received on 2/27/2015 sent to info@modulemaster.com**

Bosch 5.3 Module VW Passat

Five years ago you repaired my ABS-unit for VW Passat. Just want to inform you that It still works perfect. I am impressed and will continue to recommend you.
Greetings from Sweden

**transposed from an email we received on 2/3/2015 sent to info@modulemaster.com**

KH Dodge ABS Module 2002 Dodge Durango

Just wanted to let you know everything worked flawless, thanks again for the awesome service

Tony D.

**transposed from an email we received on 1/29/2015 sent to info@modulemaster.com**

abs module

they did a great job. turn around time one week, the unit is in the car for 2 months now, no abs yellow light any more

manny quinto
augusta ga.

Couldn’t be happier!

Module arrived quickly even with the holiday. Dealership quoted me $1200 to fix the abs module on my 2001 BMW 530i, independent shop wanted 800. For 10 minutes of work and a very reasonable price I fixed and it works flawlessly, couldn’t be more impressed, I would recommend module masters to anyone with a problem they can fix.

Stefan Wanczyk
Ann Arbor

ATE MK60E ABS Module 2008 BMW M5 Sedan

Just wanted to let you know that I installed and bled my module this past weekend and it worked great. No more codes! Thanks for the awesome service.

– walead

**transposed from an email we received on 12/9/2014 sent to info@modulemaster.com**

Mercedes-Benz Ml430

I decided on module masters after researching many, many sketchy vendors. My alternatives were to once again ignore my inoperative abs during frightening NYC winters, pay the stealer ship $1300 for parts, or take a gamble with module masters. Module masters turned around my unit within days at a fraction of the cost. They also provide a five year warranty which Benz does not offer. A complete five star success! As a manager of a busy urban auto repair shop, I applaud you for your quick and efficient service. You are now one of my choices in estimating and completing repairs. Thank you

D Indrathaher

BMW 5.7 ABS Module 2001 BMW 740iL

Dear Module Masters,

Thank you for repairing my ABS module. My instrument cluster is no longer lit up like a Christmas tree, and I am not dreading oncoming winter weather quite as much. Thanks!


**transposed from an email we received on 11/5/2014 sent to info@modulemaster.com**


Could not be happier with the product or service. If only every company operated like yours. Many, many thanks. You saved me hundreds if not a thousand dollars.

Bruce E. Quinn
South Kingstown, RI

Excellent Service

I have been dreading the cost of repairing my 2000 Silverado ABS system after retrieving multiple fault codes. Took a chance and sent module to Modulemaster because of warranty. Reinstalled module and ABS is trouble free! What a great service for a reasonable price. Highly recommended!

William Paul Green III
Nashville, TN

Always great service

It all started with my own 1998 Dodge Ram 3500. Module Master replaced a couple of corroded coils for me. After hours of searching, I had found nobody else with the confidence to do it. Since then, we have sent several other ABS modules to Module Master for rebuild and continue to refer friends. We have absolutely no issues. Thank you Module Master. – Calvin Auto Express Group Corona/Riverside/Moreno Valley, CA.

Calvin Nguyen


ABS module rebuild for 2001 Dakota was exactly as advertised. Module looked like new when returned and resolved all vehicle issues. Saved $750. Shopped around but chose ModuleMaster based on internet feedback. Highly recommend.


Great job!!!

Just reinstalled rebuilt ABS —— works great and saved me $2000. If I were you, I would raise my price to $350 and it would still be a great bargain!!!!!!

Fred H.


2007 328i with dreaded ABS/DSC pump and ECU faults. ModuleMaster rebuilt and returned ship in a week. Codes cleared!!! Thanks Modulemaster! Highly recommended!!!

Bob Duffany

2001 Saab 9-3 ABS Rebuild

Thank you for the extremely quick turnaround (shipped the module to you Sunday and back in my car Thursday). It’s great to have ABS again, all those annoying dash board warning lights out, and of course I’m happy to have a working speedometer again. Thanks also for the online instructions; it made the ECBM removal and re-installation easy.
Best regards,

Eric P.

Module Master saved me a boat load of money.

My 2001 Durango’s ABS module stopped working. I received an estimate for the repair of the module of somewhere between $800-$1,000. Module Master saved me a boat load of money. Thank you. The repair to my module was performed quickly. The module worked perfectly and I will refer your company to all of my friends should they need a similar repair.
Again, thank you all very much.

Dave T.

All the warning lights went out.

Thank you for your prompt processing. I installed module today everything looks good all the warning lights went out. It amazing how this one module was causing all the dashboard warnings:). The only thing was the battery died since car was off for 11days. I needed to jump the car after the module was installed. Also. I want to special thanks to Marie for helping me confirm usps delivered the module.
Best regards,


You saved me at least $1000.

Just wanted to pass my appreciation to you. I received my ABS controller back from you last night, installed it, and it works great. You saved me at least $1000.
Thanks for your services!

Greg Masik

You did a fantastic job…

Just wanted you to know that my module is installed and working great. You did a fantastic job… I know that if the repairs and improvements you made “inside” are half as good as this thing looks on the “outside,” I am in good shape!
Thanks again,


Your 300 dollar fix sure did save me over 900 dollars.

I own a BMW 528i 2000. Even though the car has some years on it, it is still my pride and joy. When the ans light and break light in my dashboard began coming on, I knew there was a problem. I took it to the shop and they wanted to charge me 1200 dollars for a fix. My wife convinced me to try you guys. I was very skeptical, but I followed your directions and sent the part in. A week and a half later I got the part back and installed it. All the lights in my dashboard were gone and it worked perfectly. Your 300 dollar fix sure did save me over 900 dollars. I want to tell the whole world about Module Master. Thank you very much. You guys are awesome!

Abraham G.

Everything worked like a charm thanks to you guys!

Hello and thank you guys very much! I received the module and installed it instantly ! Soon enough i was able to experience a different car!! Everything worked like a charm thanks to you guys ! I am now able to enjoy the full potentials of my BMW !! Features like cruise, abs, speedometer, odometer, back lid, service lights, instantaneous fuel supply, digital range reading and others are working perfectly ! Also, installing instructions, packaging and bolts provided made me more than happy and appreciated that you guys are really professional! Will definately recommend!!
Thanks and regards


Solved my customers needs at an incredible price and no issues whatsoever!

Just wanted to let you guys know what an incredible staff you have, and please let Mr. Gavin Curtiss know we appreciate the TEAM! Vey happy to have solved my customers needs at an incredible price and no issues whatsoever! Tropical Chevrolet and myself wish you guys the very best!

Orlando R.
Tropical Chevrolet, Miami, FL

Attempted the repair myself.

I recently sent an ABS Module for a 1999 VW Passat to be repaired after attempting a repair by myself. The module works great and the work was done professionally and in a timely manner.
Thank you so much.

R. Nunweiler

It works perfectly fine, so I am happy 🙂

I got the abs unit. It works perfectly fine, so I am happy 🙂

Kind regards

Lars Omre-Qviller

You saved me money, time and your work and customer service are grade A.

I received your services for a 99 528i ABS and simply want to say a huger than huge thank you! You saved me money, time and your work and customer service are grade A. The module works so great. I can’t say enough really. The fact that you could charge more and don’t is also a huge blessing. It’s been a while but I vaguely recall that “your” story began with a malfunctioning Module of your own that you decided to fix…and then with your findings you went on to help others. I wish everyone took what they learned from their own unfortunate situations and used for everyone elses good, wether money is involved or not. A huge thanks again.


My sincerest appreciation for the quality of work for a fair price.

I wanted to follow up on a couple of voicemail messages I left over the weekend. After receiving my refurbished ABS module this past Friday and installing it on Saturday, I was a bit panicked when the ABS light did not go off, hence my initial phone call to you per packaged instruction. However, while on a road test the light went off and has stayed off since. So please disregard the request for assistance in troubleshooting.

My sincerest appreciation for the quality of work evident in rebuilding my ABS module for a fair price. The Internet forums I consulted gave your company high praise and now I see why. Count me as a satisfied customer who won’t hesitate to put the word out about your group.

I won’t hesitate to contact you again in the future should I have another need for an expeditious, quality repair.


Mike M.

After the reinstall, my car is performing like a champ!!

After several frustrating months of service engine light, ABS light, and brake lights coming on intermittently on my BMW 740IL, and differing opinions from mechanics, I found your website and being at my wits’ end, decided to give you folks a try to rebuild the ABS module. It was a scary proposition to ship the module and $316.00 off to Idaho for repair!

To my utter amazement, the module was returned to me, well packed, here in Indiana in less than a week. After the reinstall, my car is performing like a champ!! The indicator lights stay off now and all is right with my world!!

Thank you so much for your expert service — you are the best!!

Karen W.

Absolutely outstanding service and turnaround time.

Absolutely outstanding service and turnaround time. I just feel badly that Gavin had to be chained to the test bench over Labor Day HOLIDAY Here in Texas we only BBQ , cook beans, Drink tea coke and a couple of beers…actually true. Thanks for your dedication. Will always pass the good words. Thank you

The turn around time was fantastic and everything worked as promised.

The ABS and brake light had been coming on for quite sometime on my 2000 Silverado and I just want to say thank you for making everything right again. The turn around time was fantastic and everything worked as promised. Thanks again for saving my truck.

John H.

I wish I’d found you a year ago!

I wish I’d found you a year ago! I just received my rebuilt KH module…installed it according to instructions, and NO ABS LIGHT!

After 3 repair shops, and a so-called rebuilder in Virginia…I’m extremely happy!


Thank you for successfully repairing my Bosch 5.7 module.

Just a quick note to say thank you to you and Module Masters for successfully repairing my Bosch 5.7 module.

I have since logged several hundred miles now after re-setting the original error codes, and they have not re-appeared.

Thanks again,


Your service is irreproachable.

I can’t tell much about the quality product but I gotta say that your service is irreproachable, I really enjoyed my experience as a customer.

The lady behind the phone witch I spoke to numerous time is very calm patient and energic. She took the time to understand my not-so-good english (since I speak french) and really made sure she understood correctly my statements.

And thank you Module Master for saving my butt as my original module is busted. You pretty much gave me the kick to continue my project as I wouldn’t have spent +1k on one of these!


Frédéric P.

I give you high marks for packaging.

I received my rebuilt ABS module this morning. It works perfectly! Thank you so much for the timely delivery. Also, I give you high marks for packaging. Foamed in place packing materials abate my fear of damage in shipment.


Randy D.

My old 2002 ML-500 is perfect again thanks to you!

I am so freaking happy right now …. with the quality of your workmanship, your quick turnaround, and of course your pricing! I just picked up my car today after having your re-built ABS pump installed and I am so happy that all the “dummy” lights are off and that once again I have Mercedes style antilock brakes! It was so weird today, on a cloudy rainy day in Los Angeles, as I picked up the car, there was a dramatic rainbow in the sky! My old 2002 ML-500 is perfect again thanks to you!

This antilock brake situation turned into quite a saga for me! The dummy lights went on while driving back from Las Vegas in August! The car seemed to be fine, but after I did a little on-line research, I read that I no longer had antilock brakes! In a desperate attempt and hoping for a miracle, I spent $30 on a new relay, but alas, I had bigger problems than that! I took the car to Mercedes, and received the bad news! My ABS pump was bad, but they would gladly fix it…… as good as new……for almost $3,000! Don’t get me wrong, I love my car, and I have owned it since 2001, but even I know that the most I could get for it right now, if I were to sell it, would be $8,000! And that is being very optimistic! Forget about the trade in if I were to buy a new car! $3,000 for one repair on an older car just seemed wrong and out of this world! I was determined to find a less expensive alternative!

First I looked for a cheaper price on a new part. My research brought me to E-bay where I found a brand new one for $1,500! Still…too rich for me. Then I found some used ones…. with guarantees that they were good. I spent $489.00 for a used junk yard part! That was the cheapest I could find,and believe you me, I looked! The junk man I bought the unit from assured me that he tested the unit and it worked! I bought it..had it installed, and guess what? It did not work!

That is when I saw your web site. $400.00 for a complete re-build? Not bad. But that would of meant taking the part off, and being without a car for the time it would take to mail the part out, rebuild the part, and then wait for the part to come back to me. Only now… I had two pumps! One was on the car (the one I bought from the junk yard) , and the the broken original was in my garage! Off it went to Module-master! In a little over a week, my rebuilt pump was returned to me, and it only cost $270 to rebuild and not $400! Today, I had it installed, and re-coded, and guess what, it is working flawlessly. So for $270, and two hours of labor at an independent Mercedes/BMW/AUDI/Porsche shop, my car is as good as new!

Now, I have the original junkyard part to return for a $489.00 refund! I will enclose a copy of your receipt to him and suggest he have the junkyard part re-built by you, and then sell it on eBay! I also gave a copy of the receipt to the auto repair shop for them to offer, as an option to other owners of older, fully functional Mercedes, BMW, or Audi vehicles, to take advantage of for similar issues. I HATE being dependent on the dealer! Especially for an older vehicle!

Thank you so very much for your service! Even though my car is a 2002 model with 138,000 miles on it, it is now running perfectly, and I plan to keep it into the foreseeable future! Thank you for giving me a cost effective,
quality option to getting my car back on the road!

And just so you know that the rainbow story was not total BS, here is a pic of the rainbow.. I am telling you…it was freaking weird! LOL!

Joe R.

Thank you for helping me to save around $800!!!

Hello! First of all, I just would like to say how impressed that I am with your company and service. I have a 2001 VW Passat. The brake light and ABS light started coming on together. I called my local VW dealership and they said it was more than likely the ABS module that would need replaced for approximately $1,000-$1,100. After doing a little research online, I found you guys. I was skeptical at first, but thought…what do I have to loose. You received my module on Monday and I received it and installed it today (Friday). I am no mechanic by any means…but I installed the rebuilt module and no warning lights!!! I am pleased that I made the decision to send it off to you guys. I was also impressed on the nice ladies that you have answering the phones…they were a big help as well!! Thank you for helping me to save around $800!!! I will recommend if I ever hear of this issue with anyone else!

Thank you!!


My Yukon is back to normal.

I had module master repair my abs computer on my 2001 GMC Yukon last year. Last month, it started acting up again. I called customer service. They said to send it back. Other than the cost to ship it back to Idaho from Las Vegas, I had a repaired module within a few days, covered under warranty. My Yukon is back to normal. Great customer service!!!!! Thank You!!!!!

Your packaging, speed, price, and customer service over the phone is TOP notch.

You all did an amazing job rebuilding my ABS module for my 2002 Lincoln Blackwood. This email is about 6-8 months over due. Every time I get in my truck and I use my brakes I think about how I ned to write you all.

I am not even going to explain to you what the dealership was going to charge me for install and a replacement and the story they told me about my truck; I am still just in awe. It was easier to replace the ABS module than any another brake component on my truck, and I know because I have now done it all.

Your packaging, speed, price, and customer service over the phone is TOP notch. I will always recommend your services to any of my friends that ever have a bad ABS module.

I searched the web for weeks, if not months for a solution, and your team fixed my computer. Thank you for providing such a great deal.

I was going to recommend that you all that can now add Lincoln Blackwood’s to your list of vehicles that you can service.

Thanks again,

David M.

My S10 Chevy with your repaired brake module has performed flawlessly!

We’ve had a very bad Winter here so far in the Midwest this year and my S10 Chevy with your repaired brake module has performed flawlessly! I had forgotten what it was like to have ABS brakes that actually work in this truck. Thanks again for the quick turnaround and the great repair work.

The quality of the repair was apparent when I opened the box…

I own a 2004 BMW 745i and I have endured various failures including ABS, DSC, failed speedometer, failed cruise control, servtronic malfunction, and it seemed like many others. None of the problems happened all the time, but I got to the point that I almost hated getting into the car for fear that many “dings” would remind me that something isn’t working properly. If this is you, get that module off your car and into the hands of Module Master to fix. I sent the Bosch 5.7 to be repaired and it was returned promptly. The quality of the repair was apparent when I opened the box to find a tightly-packed, clean module along with a detailed explanation of the repairs. After reinstalling it I started the car and all the lights and “dings” were immediately absent. While I haven’t driven a lot yet the car has run great so far and I’m pleased with the quality and the price. I regret waiting so long to correct the problem, but better late than never. Many thanks to Module Master!!

D. Carter

My car is now in perfect working condition.

I believe in giving credit where and when credit is due. My car is now in perfect working condition. The DSC light went off after I installed the module and started the engine. I didn’t even have to drive it!!
Thank you so much and to the tech who worked on it. Everything was handled very professionally.

Yours truly,

Orlando L. C.

You did EVERYTHING you said you would do, AND MORE

In today’s world, you hardly ever (that is, NEVER, until now) have an experience involving auto service that compels you to take time out of your day just to thank somebody. But you folks are different! I am, if I may borrow some silly pop-culture-business-book-speak, a DELIGHTED CUSTOMER. You did EVERYTHING you said you would do, AND MORE. I diagnosed the module with your help, removed it with your help, shipped it to you, and left on a five-day business trip. The repaired module was WAITING FOR ME when I got back! I’m no mechanic, so I was a little nervous about putting the repaired unit back in, so I called Modulemasters for some follow-up information: What codes were in the unit? What do they mean? Etc, etc. The woman I spoke to on the phone was very helpful and patient, and when she couldn’t answer a question, she didn’t just BS me, she went and got someone who COULD answer it. Then, using your very clear instructions and video, I easily reinstalled the unit, took the car through the recommended “driving cycle”, and went back to the smog test shop. Voila! Passed with flying colors, no error codes anymore, and no dashboard warning lights. Most importantly, I can drive my old Passat in California for another two years! Two more years without car payments! Money saved? $1395 garage estimate minus $176 spent on Modulemaster service = $1,219.00 !!!!!! I’m actually now GLAD my unit failed in the first place, because otherwise I would never have heard of you, and I would still be batting 0.000 in auto-related transactions. You guys (and gals) are awesome, I hope your business is very successful, and I will recommend you at every opportunity. Your DELIGHTED customer,

Alan H.

BMW 335i ABS Issue

I read multiple threads in BMW web sites about the excellent service that Module Master provides and when the stealer told me that the error code 5DF0 and 5DF1 pop out and that DSC Hydro unit was defective in my BMW 335i and replacing it would cost me $3800. I didn’t think twice about shipping it to Module Master for repair. A new unit cost about $2700 and comes with 2 years guarantee and Module Master guarantee is it for 5 years plus fixing it cost only $280.00 it is a no brainer! I was really impressed with the turnaround. My unit arrived to Module Master on Friday and it was unpacked fixed and shipped back the same day!!!!! When they call me to tell me that my unit was shipped back I couldn’t believe it. As a first time DIY I had a few glitches while installing it, I call the tech and the support was excellent. Once I finished bleed the system all warning light on the dash went out and the system work beautifully. I finished installing it today and hope that it will free of trouble for a long time. Thank you guys you really saved me a bundle. I highly recommend your services.

Gabriel A.

2000 BMW 528i

I own a BMW 528i 2000. Even though the car has some years on it, it is still my pride and joy. When the ans light and break light in my dashboard began coming on, I knew there was a problem. I took it to the shop and they wanted to charge me 1200 dollars for a fix. My wife convinced me to try you guys. I was very skeptical, but I followed your directions and sent the part in. A week and a half later I got the part back and installed it. All the lights in my dashboard were gone and it worked perfectly. Your 300 dollar fix sure did save me over 900 dollars. I want to tell the whole world about Module Master. Thank you very much. You guys are awesome!

Abraham G.

You saved me at least $1000

Just wanted to pass my appreciation to you. I received my ABS controller back from you last night, installed it, and it works great. You saved me at least $1000.

Thanks for your services!

Greg M.

You did a fantastic job!

Just wanted you to know that my module is installed and working great. You did a fantastic job! I know that if the repairs and improvements you made inside are half as good as this thing looks on the outside I’m in good shape!


You saved me about $1500

I am writing this letter to say thank you. My ABS light has been off for 4 months now. I am sure it is working. I was skeptical about you, but now I am a believer. You were saving me about $1500.00.


2001 Dodge Durango ABS

My 2001 Durango’s ABS module stopped working. I received an estimate for the repair of the module of somewhere between $800-$1,000. Module Master saved me a boat load of money. Thank you. The repair to my module was performed quickly. The module worked perfectly and I will refer your company to all of my friends should they need a similar repair.
Again, thank you all very much.

Dave T.

2001 Saab 9-3 ABS

Thank you for the extremely quick turnaround (shipped the module to you Sunday and back in my car Thursday). It’s great to have ABS again, all those annoying dash board warning lights out, and of course I’m happy to have a working speedometer again. Thanks also for the online instructions; it made the ECBM removal and re-installation easy.

Eric P.

My truck is no longer sick.

Sorry for the late response but I would really like to thank ModuleMaster for the excellent A++ service. I sent the part out and got it back in a timely manner. My truck is no longer sick. Thanks again and I hope to do business with you in the future.

Raymond C.

2003 BMW 525i ABS module worked flawlessly as advertised

I received my repaired module via Fedex on the date promised, and immediately re-installed it , per your recommendations… It worked flawlessly as advertised……No more lights, except for the check engine light, which i knew would be activated. I drove the vehicle 60 miles that night and everything was perfect…..This morning I took my vehicle to get the check engine light cleared and everything is great….
Thank you very much

Joe M.

You guys do quality work.

I have a 2001 Audi A4 1.8L Turbo. Shipped my ABS Module to ModuleMaster and got it back three days after they received it. Installed it back in 15 minutes, started the car and no more warning lights on the dash. I highly recommend ModuleMaster for all your ABS Module repair needs. Not only the repair was cheap compared to buying a new or used unit $500-$1800 plus tax and labor. ModuleMaster saved me a lot of $$$. Can’t thank them enough. You guys do quality work. Just another satisfied customer.

Alan G.

Within 7 days my car was 100% operational again.

Wanted to send a quick note to say thank you. When my abs pump started running, I honestly had no clue what was making the noise. A quick Internet search led me to your site which was extremely informational. I sent you the defective ebcm and within 7 days my car was 100% operational again. I called my local garage and it would have cost me over $1240 to repair it. With your help, I was able to save close to $1100. Many many thanks. Nice work.
Thank you,

Levi S.

2001 SAAB 9-5 Aero ABS Module

I have a 2001 SAAB 9-5 Aero – a rare car. My Bosch ABS unit had failed and was causing many other systems in the car to be non-functional. A new unit would have cost $1,500. I sent my ABS to Module Master and had it returned and fully functional within a week for a fraction of the cost of a new unit. Using their instructions for removal, I had the ABS out and ready to ship in 45 minutes. Installation took less than 30. I cannot recommend Module Master enough. Great service, great price, great support.

Steve H.

Garage wanted $1,500 for a new ABS module

I wanted to let you know you saved me alot of $$$! I have a 2004 pontiac grand prix gtp and my abs control mod has been bad for quite a long time. The garage I take my car to wanted to charge me $1500.00 for a new module ($1400.00/ part + $103.00l/abor)! I decided since I had brakes I could live with the lights on my instrument cluster (abs, tcs, brake lights). even through each time I turned key on I had to push reset button several times to get warning info off the “DIC” window! Then I came across your site, read reviews and testimonials. (even though the last one was back in 2011)! Was skepical! But decided to give it a try. Sent my module to you Wed Jan 2nd, Rec’d it back on Tues Jan 15th. RE-INSTALLED MOD THE NEXT DAY!!! NO MORE WARNING LIGHTS!!!!!! Everything seems to be working fine!


Wonderful service!

I recieved and installed my ABS unit. It has been 4 days and 250 km. So far all is great. Thank you for all your help. Ive already recommended your site to 2 people.
Wonderful service!

llan S.

Kelsey Hayes 325 ABS module

I would like to take this opportunity to thanks you and your staff for the repair of my Kelsy Hayes 325 module. I just installed today and worked like a charm. I will personally recommend this company to all my friends and associates with any abs problems. Once again thanks for your service.

Antonio T.

Very good job and service.

The module is back and installed in the car. After a 25km testdrive everything seems ok. -Lights are out -Speedometer and fuel consumton meter is ok -DSC activation lamp on and off ok -Speedcontrol works ok We will have snow in the end of the week so it will be a good opportunity to test ABS and DSC. Thank you very much for a very good job and service.


ABS Module Control working perfectly

Great, Great, Great…….., every thing it was Ok in my Audi A6. The ABS Module Control it’s working perfectly, so, the only thing I can tell you is that I appreciate very much your professional service.
Really thanks,

Pedro S.

You truly are “Masters.”

The rebuilt Abs module for the 2000 Passat you supplied works great! No recode required. I had to clear codes twice, kept getting ABS light. Finally cleared and has been fine ever since. It’s nice to have ABS, traction control, and my dashboard computer back!
Thank you, you truly are “Masters.”

Charles D.

2001 Dodge Durango ABS

I just wanted to send you a big thank you for fixing the module to my 2001 Dodge Durango! It is on the truck and works perfectly! As I have three little ones to run around everywhere, and the dealership wanted $1,125.00 for the part, I really appreciate doing business with you! Please extend my thanks to Mari and Leslie for all their help on the phone – both ladies were wonderful to deal with!

Kim R.

Mercedes ML500 ABS Repair

I received the repaired module today, Christmas eve. I hooked it up to ML500. All the ABS lights are off and there is no faulty code from ABS. Thank you so much for your great job. It is like a Christmas gift. I am so happy.


Bosch 5.7 repair for 2000 BMW 528i

You did it again! Thanks for repairing the Bosch 5.7 series ABS module out of my 2000 BMW 528i. The persistent ABS, traction control, and amber brake lights all extinguished after reinstalling the repaired module. Equally impressive is how quickly you repaired and returned the module even during the week of Thanksgiving. It was even shipped in a protective ESD bag – nice work! I will be recommending you to anyone I encounter who might be in need of your services. This car has 194k and all systems are functioning perfectly.

Dan S.
Locust Grove, Georgia

ABS light now operating normally

Hi there Mari, well the module arrived yesterday, Wednesday 27th and I fitted it this afternoon. The ABS light didn’t go off when I started the car but after a few yards down the road it then went off. So now when you start up it is on for the few seconds it takes to check itself then goes off. Once again thanks for the excellent service and all achieved in 22days.

Keith B.
New Zealand

BMW M5 ABS Repair

Today Fedex delivered my Bosch 5.7 module and I could not have been more pleased with what I saw. Your careful packing, including an electrostatic bag, along with a perfect seam where you opened the module speak volumes about the pride you take in your work. First drive results on the BMW E39 M5 are positive too. I was getting the dreaded three yellow light error whenever the under hood temperature approached 120 degrees F. Now after running it even hotter … no yellow lights! I have my ABS and stability control working along with the peace of mind required for the coming winter driving season.
Thank you!


Wonderful Customer Service & Impeccable Website

You folks are amazing. Thank you for alleviating all my concerns, for your wonderful customer service which exactly followed my “Special Instructions” on my order, for your impeccable website with such incredibly detailed instructions for my vehicle (and for the instructions that came with the repaired module), for a repaired module that WORKS, for the warranty, and, and, and … Thank you, thank you, and thank you. I’ll spread the word about your company.


No more ABS or ASC faults

Received my rebuilt unit back a couple of days ago. Bolted it back on. Ran my VagCom scan cleared legacy codes. Unit is working great so far. No ABS or ASC faults to report.

Jay P.

Excellent service and prompt action

Thank you for the excellent service and prompt action with regard to my EBCM. The rebuilt module has been installed and is working perfectly. This rebuild was very economical compared to what the Dealer recommended.

Wilton J.

Quick turnaround

Thanks for the quick turnaround time on the repair of my brake module. It works great and the direction on install helped. It’s great to have it working again without spending the $600 for a new one. I gave your phone # to the local brake shop and recommended your work.

Russ E.
Havre, MT

2003 BMW 525i ABS repair

Just wanted to say thank you so much for fixing my ABS Module for my 2003 BMW 525I. I got it back this last Monday and all my warning lights finally have turned off and everything seems to be working perfectly. I’m just so excited to have found you and was able to save so much money. Will tell everyone I know…thank you again!

Stacy J.

BMW X5 ABS rebuild

Another happy customer: I received rebuilt by ModuelMaster ABS module for my BMW X5 and it works like magic – right after the installation the “christmas tree” lights disappeared from my dashboard and everything works now like before the failure. The $2200 would be bill from the dealership for unit replacement was reduced to 20 min of work and $300. Thank you very much for your service.

Adam B.
Seattle, WA

2002 Buick LeSabre ABS rebuild

I wanted to thank you folks for your recent rebuild of a Delphi ABS module for my 2002 Buick LeSabre. Your service was excellent! Your price was fair and just as you said it would be on the phone. Your turn around time was also excellent, you rebuilt the module and mailed it back to me in the two business day time frame that you had said! I received the rebuilt module in two days. I installed it the next day, it took about 30 minutes to install and IT WORKS fine! It is a real pleasure to work with people like you: You do a good job, on time and at a resonable price. I will certainly recommend you to others, if I get the chance.

John S.
Bastrop, TX

You are an honest company charging a fair price for a great service

I sent My Control Module to you on Tuesday September 4th and received it back Saturday September 8th. Half an hour later I had it back in the car and ABS/Brake light flashing problem was fixed. Total cost including shipping both ways including insuring the unit was right around $200.00 What a savings over having a shop charge $1200 for a new unit installed. You are an honest company charging a fair price for a great service, not to mention helping the public keep their money where it belongs, in their pockets. I will highly recommend Module Masters to my friends and definitely use your services again if needed.

Robert P.
Vancouver, Washington


When someone does a good job, somebody should say thanks. I received the ABS control unit today, installed it and the problems are already a memory. As it is the daughters car, I am especially glad it is fixed, and in a short time.

Jim M.
Tabernacle, NJ

Excellent quality service at a very reasonable price

This is just to inform you that I have received and installed my rebuilt ABS module (order #306) with no hiccups at all. It has been functioning perfectly for almost 2 weeks now and it is a real pleasure to not have to put up with the ABS warning light any longer. As noted by others before, the module was immediately recognized by the truck computer so no further actions were required. The only unfortunate thing for me is that there are already many reviews about your excellent service and my comments would just be duplicating what has already been said by many others. So once again, thank you for providing an excellent quality service at a very reasonable price.


Right blend of customer service and quality workmanship

You folks have found the right blend of customer service and quality workmanship at a reasonable price. American trained craftsmen are the only way to go for us in this segment of the auto parts repair industry.

ABS Automotive
San Mateo, CA

Chevy Tahoe ABS repair

I am absulutely satisfied with your service!! I shipped it to you on monday and recieved it friday. I installed it right away without any problems…..and its been working perfectly! I also have a Tahoe I am about to do, I just wanted to make sure I could do this. My friend has a silverado with the same issue, I will give him all your info. It is incredible I found you guys by chance. I took my truck to a brake shop and quoted me $1200.00. They never once gave me this option. You have a new customer with a big mouth, and I will spread the word.
Thank you!

Franky G.

ABS light and error code gone

I would like to thank you for the fast sending, I had received the module last monday (4 days after my payments, even I am in France). I would not expected to receive it so fast. I have installed the new module and everything works fine, the ABS light and error code gone. Be sure I will recommand you now.


Bosch ABS code 23

All that “code 23” stuff had me a little aprehensive. But my ABS is now back to normal. I ended my 50 mile drive at my favorite independent BMW repair shop to get my “Service Engine” light reset [no speed signal while the module was removed].
Good job ModuleMaster!

Bob B.

BMW ABS repair

MODULEMASTER GREAT JOB! Thank you, I’ll be waxing poetic on the Biiimmeeer chat site.
Take care and thanks again


2001 Saab 9-3 ABS

My 01 saab 9-3 was throwing abs, tcs lights. I am a diy and determined my abs module was bad. I mailed my mod on a monday. The following mon my module arrived to my house. I drove my car to and from work while mod was out. And everything was fine. The module was packed to perfection. Module master really took the time to do it right. When i installed the mod and turned the car on all the lights including the check engine light did not come on. Problem fixed. I would recomend module master to any diy looking to save some $.

Aaron H.

Yukon XL ABS

Congratulations! My ABS system is now working ! The rebuild on my module saved me a lot of money and you folks did exactly what you advertised. I will tell others of your service.
Thank you,

Keith G.

Wheel speed sensor issue

Wanted to drop a quick note here. I received the module back you tested for me and even though you did not find anything wrong, when I reinstalled it I still had the same problem. So as you suggested I took another look at left front wheel speed sensor. Using a DMM I rechecked the wiring and everything checked out OK including the resistance value of the sensor. This had me baffled since the whole front wheel bearing assemble had been change a month earlier. So I pulled the front wheel, brakes and rotor to get at the sensor. I removed the sensor and found excessive grease and grime inside the new bearing assembly. I cleaned it out and the sensor, reinstalled it and everything works good now. I just wanted to say even thought I sent the module back to be retested and nothing wrong was found, that you still do excellent work and thanks for all the hard work you did. I would recommend your services to anyone having similar problem.


2002 Chevy Avalanche ABS

After researching what was causing – and the dealer expense of repairing – the noise with my ’02 Avalanche that turned out to be my ABS module, I discovered Module Master in ID. They were terrific at giving detailed instructions as to what to look for, and how to remove the unbelievably hard to access (thanks GM!) module. Once out, and repaired by them in short order at a very reasonable price, it was returned with equally detailed instructions, tips and accessories useful in making the reinstall fast and easy (buy their new bolts!). Module Master was just great, and saved me appx $2,000 with this vehicle. I’ll recommend them to anyone I come across in a similar situation.
Thanks again!

Randy C.
Southern Calif

2001 Volvo V70 Ate ABS module

An update regarding your overhaul of my 2001 Volvo V70 ABS module: When I received the reworked module back in 2007 I wrote about the neat professional repair and quick turnaround. ABS, Stability Traction Control, and Winter Mode worked flawlessly after installation and are still doing so after five years. Your written warrantee is terrific, but it’s even better to never need it. Exceptional quality and price!
Many thanks!

Alan F.
Glastonbury, CT

2001 GMC Jimmy ABS

I just received my module for my 2001 GMC Jimmy back today. I’m totally impressed with the turn around time. I reinstalled it the same day and works perfectly. I also like the detailed breakdown of what repairs were done to it. You don’t often get that kind of feedback anymore, thanks. Since you did an excellent job on my module – I’m sending you the module out of my daughters jimmy too. Thanks for the excellent work.

Saab ABS module

Thank you for the fix. Originally my mechanic had quoted $500-$1000 to replace the ABS module in my SAAB. I got it done in a quarter of the cost thanks to you, and it’s been functioning perfectly. Glad I found you!
Thanks again,


All three warning lights are gone

I have received the repaired EBCM module and plug-in and all three of my ABS / Traction control off / Brake lights are gone, thank you very much for all your help, you guys are great. I will recommend you to all my friends.


Bosch 5.3 ABS module

I had an Bosch 5.3 Module rebuilt by you in January of this year. I am writing to express my appreciation for your work – it was timely and the module works!

Gottfried O.

Kelsey Hayes 325 ABS module



2001 Chevy Silverado 2500 ABS module

This note was not solicited. This is just a testimony to my experience in dealing with your company. Vehicle 2001 silverado 2500hd. Yellow and red brake light would come on intermitent. Took the vehicle to Les Schwab for a free brake check. Used electronic tester and told me I needed a new abs brake control module. Estimated cost between $1600 – $2000. I got on line and found your site. What did I have to lose by taking a chance on you $155 including shipping and new screws. I am not a mechanic, but I figured I could take off 4 screws and 3 electrical connectors. Took about 30 minutes for a novice. Sent it off and received it back quickly. Followed your instructions and it took me about 20 minutes to replace. Put the fuse back in and attached the battery cable and started it up and if you remember the winter olympics hockey game at Lake Placid Miracles Happen. Thanks for your great technical support and saving me quite a sum of money.

Frank R.
River, Oregon

So glad I found you guys

Just got my ABS Module hooked up and everything is going good so far as to the paper. I am so glad I found you guys you saved me alot of money. Thank you so much. I will be telling everybody about you.
Thanks Again,

Scott D.

1999 Dodge Durango ABS issue

Thank you so much! I purchased a 1999 Dodge Durango with the ABS/Brake light on. I had read about it and at first I thought it was the rear speed sensor. No such luck. Turned out to be the ABS Module. The dealerships wanted about $600 for a new one (which would be a 10th of what I paid for the truck) My budget couldn’t afford it, and with those lights on, I could not pass inspection. I had read up on several module rebuilding places and they all had horrible reviews.. then I found Module Masters. I decided for the price, I could try them out. Once they got the part, it was a super fast turn around, seriously, like 2 days! Saved me a lot of money and frustration. I put the module back on per the instructions, and have not had a problem since, plus my anti-lock brakes work like a charm! I have recommended Module Master on one of the forums I go to frequently, since this is a problem with the Durangos.
Great Job!

Matt V.
Wichita Falls, TX

Worked like a dream

I would like to thank you for a Job well done. This whole ABS problem has been a pain in the tail until I called Module Masters. I installed my updated, and repaired Module and it worked like a dream..In todays echonimy this is a breath of fresh air. The saving were great. I have a little knowledge of automotive repairs. With You tube and modulemasters It went like a dream. If you need a public relations guy I am the one to sing you praises.

Bruce S.
Fort Worth, Texas

1999 GMC Sierra 1500 ABS module

The ABS warning light on my 1999 GMC Sierra 1500 would come on after a few miles of driving. The ‘reader code’ indicated that the ABS Control Module was failing. I priced a new module from the dealer. Over $1,100 not including labor! $650 was the best price on line and they wanted $275 at the local junk yard with no guarantee. I found Module Master on line. After a very informative phone call and using the instructions on the website I pulled the module off my truck and got it ready to mail. It was loacted exactly where the instructions said it was. It took all of 15 minutes. Module Master received my module on a Friday morning and had it back in the mail to me Monday. By Thursday afternoon the rebuilt module was back on my truck and has performed perfectly. All for just $142 including shipping. To sum up, outstanding web site, great phone support, clear and complete instructions, super turn-around and excellent work.

Ken M.
Spanish Springs, Nevada

2001 Dodge Durango ABS rebuild

Just wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with having my module rebuilt by you. It came off of a 2001 Dodge Durango. The dealer wanted close to $800.00 for a new one. Your price was awesome and the quality of work is to. Also I didn’t have to have it reprogramed since it was the one that came off my vehicle. That also saved my a couple of hundred dollars. I would highly recommend you company to anyone that needs a module rebuilt. I usually don’t write reviews but you did such a great job that I had to let everyone know.
Thanks Alot,

Steve K.
Tomball, Texas

You did what you advertised

Thanks! Module re-installed today and ABS/Brake lights gone. No pump noise. You did what you advertised and I appreciate knowing there are still honest folks around. From your prompt email responses, friendly support via phone, and very fast work, thank you. I hope I never have to exercise your 5-year warranty, but I appreciate knowing that you back your work up!! I will certainly promote your services and feel free to use my feedback on your website or elsewhere.

Michael K.
Plano, TX

Kelsey Hayes 325 repair for 2001 S10 Blazer

I’m very impressed about the time It take you to return my Kelsey-Hayes 325 in fully repaired conditions. My vehicle is a 2001 Blazer (S-10), 4X4 and the problem was, the ABS lamp plus the Hand Brake. I tried many tricks but, I was the one that was tricked. So, in order to save time and speculation, I just sent the EBCM Kelsey Hayes 325 and today, after a week end test, there are not more ABS lamp with the “inseparable” Hand Brake one. I’m very pleased and fully recommend your service and quality. I prefer the mechanic’s intervention for the removal and installation of the EBCM because they have more experience and I don’t want to damage the electrical connections in the event that some of them being difficult to deal with. Even my mechanic was surprised about the work you done and the warranty. This is outstanding.
Thank you very much.

Ricardo H.
Rio Rico, Arizona

New ABS module lasted only lasted 4 years



Juan W.

1999 VW Passat ABS rebuild

I just wanted to write a quick note of thanks for the great service I received from ModuleMaster. After receiving two separate quotes of over $1,000 each to replace the ABS module on my son’s 1999 Passat (the car isn’t even worth that much!), taking a $180 risk on your service seemed worth the gamble. I’m very gald I did. Received the rebuilt module in one week; had it installed today and no more flashing “ABS” and “Brake” lights. Everything is working perfectly. Thanks again for the prompt and professional service


I saved about $1,900 from what the dealer would have charged

ModuleMaster, Thanks for your help and the repair of my EBTCM. You guys saved me a lot of money. Here’s a testimonial you can use if you choose.
I have an 02 Buick LaSabre. The warning lights for traction control, ABS and brakes recently came on. I took the car to the Buick dealer and they diagnosed codes C1214 and C1248. They advised I would need to replace both the EBTCM and the BPMV at a total cost of $2,188 for parts and labor. The parts would have been guaranteed for 12 months or 12k miles. I had a friend of a friend pull the EBTCM and sent it to ModuleMaster. It was repaired and returned to me within two working days. I had the repaired module re-installed and all the lights went off and everything work perfect right from the get-go. The long story short is, I saved about $1,900 from what the dealer would have charged and I have a 5 year warranty. Module Master offered assistance along the way and lived up to everything they promise to do. Great company to work with!

Boise, ID

The installation instructions and return packaging were first rate

Just wanted to say Thankyou! for helping me keep my old Chevy truck on the road. The dealer wanted over $1300.00 to replace my ABS Module, but thanks to your rebuilding service, I was able to fix it for a fraction of that. The installation instructions and return packaging were first rate. I will recommend Module Master to all my friends.

Tom P.
Arlington, TX

Kelsey Hayes 325 Rebuild

Just wanted to thank you for the great service and very fast turnaround time! You saved me a bunch of money!….Thanks……

Eric E.

my unit has worked out great – just as advertised

Dear Sir/Madam: Very happy to report that the repair to my unit has worked out great – just as advertised. I will recommend your shop in Moscow Idaho (!) to any friends who run into the same issue.

Rick M.


Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I received my rebuilt ABS module yesterday and installed it this morning. NO MORE LIGHTS!!! I’ll definitely be mentioning your service to my friends.

Billy C.

Don’t waste you time or money considering other alternatives

Hi- I wanted to add to the Module Master testimonials to post my total satisfaction. I have a 2000 Audi S4 that the ABS module failed on. I sent the module in for repair to Module Master via USPS Priority on a Tuesday. Module was on its way back to me by Friday. Returned to me tagged, cleaned, and in ESD bag packaging. ( I paid the $5 for the stainless screws, too…well worth it.) Worked flawlessly after install. With a 5-year warrantee, don’t waste you time or money considering other alternatives.

Rochester NY

Thank you for the follow up on my EBCM

I would like to thank you for the follow up on my EBCM (Kelsey Hayes 325) that you all repaired and kept calling to make sure all is well with the other problem. I did replace the front Hub Assembly on the drivers side and that eliminated the ABS light on the dash. I have been letting all the parts houses know about the services that you all do and the follow-up. Thanks once again for the service.

Gordon M.

The repair at the dealership was over 1200…. O’Reily’s was 945

I couldn’t find a way to put my ‘thanks’ on your web site… so I’m trying here…. I received the repaired KH EBCM via FedX this AM… so after dinner tonight, my son-in-law and I replaced the unit in my wife’s 2001 Chev. Sub. and all the ABS dash indicator went out… we drove the few seconds at 15-20 MPH…. and ALL IS WELL….. You saved me so much money on this repair… it’s unbelievable…. and I THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH…. I’ll be singing your praises for quite some time…. The repair at the dealership was over 1200.00…. the new replacement at O’Reily’s was 945.00 / rebuilt 485.00 and almost the same amount on ebay / removed from wrecked vehicles….. You have a special service/ special quality …. and from a 65 yr. old guy like myself…… THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!!

David L.
Houston, Texas

Module has been on the car for almost 9 months now and it works like a charm

My BMW 528i, had problems with its ABS unit. The cost of purchasing a new one was in excess of $1200.00. Then I found out about you and thought I would give it a try, even though I had not fixed anything on the BMW myself till now and you guaranteed your work as well. So I took the chance and got the repair done. I wanted to say you guys are great, you saved me a lot of money. Even though the ABS module did report an error code 23, it worked perfectly fine on my car. I wanted to send this to you a long time back, just never got around to it. The ABS module has been on the car for almost 9 months now and it works like a charm. You just saved me a lot of money – so thanks again. Hope you provide such valuable service in other areas as well.

Joseph R.

I knew there had to be a better way

I just wanted to thank ModuleMaster for rebuilding my EBCM! I have been struggling with the ABS/TCS Off Lights in my Grand Prix for so long now and I’m so happy to finally put an end to it! ModuleMaster was SO friendly over the phone to speak with and very quick with their shipping. When I got my module back in the mail, it was VERY clean and came with a phone number I could call if it still didn’t work and information about the warranty and everything I would need for the next 5 years.
The dealer wanted $1245 for a new EBCM and to install it. I knew there had to be a better way. While on grandprixforums.net, someone had their module rebuilt from ModuleMaster, and for 16% of the dealer’s price, I was all for it! My money is well spent and if I ever have any module problems, I know who to contact.

Brandon L.
Memphis, TN

(website) tells you every thing you need to do as far as taking it off and putting it back on

This is the best ABS module ever, repairs for a new module was price at $1200 not including labor. I found modulemaster online, and it tells you every thing you need to do afar as taking it off and putting it back on. Sent it off and within the week my module was return to me and back on within 15 mins. No more warn lights or nothing. Would recommend this site for repairs. Good Job!


Best advice, assistance, and service I have ever experienced

I recently had you rebuild the Kelsey-Hayes Ford EBCM for my 2000 F-150. I felt that I had to tell you that you provided the best advice, assistance, and service I have ever experienced for this type of repair. Additionally, you saved me 0ver $500.00 by not having to take it to the dealership where the module was over $500.00 and labor over $200.00. It was only 11 days from shipping to reinstallation and absolutely no problems encountered. I would recommend not using UPS to ship items to you because of the UPS Ground schedules. USPS or FedEx would have been faster. But the wait was worth it.

Dennis C.

Total satisfaction with repair of my 2002 Tahoe ABS module

I don’t usually submit testimonials, but I felt it important to express my total satisfaction with the repair of my ABS module for my 2002 Tahoe. I purchased the vehicle about 3 weeks ago and was told about the ABS/Brake constantly burning. After talking to my mechanic as well as the dealer, it was quite apparent that the repair/replacement of the module would be quite expensive ($1200+-). I googled “rebuild EBCM” and your website appeared. The price looked reasonable and after reading all of the testimonials, felt comfortable with sending you my unit. I mailed it on a Monday and it was returned to me on Wednesday of the next week. I installed it last night and it does exactly what it is suppose to do. The ABS/Brake lights do NOT come on now and the whole process was quite satisfying. I would recommend you to my friends and plan to remove the ABS module from my wife’s Durango and send it to you for repair. Thanks for making the process easy and doing exactly what you claim on your website. Keep up the good work.

Greenville, SC

2001 Audi A4 1.8T ABS rebuild

Just wanted to send a quick thank you note for fixing my defective Bosch ABS module, which otherwise would have cost me well over $1000 for parts + labour. Especially appreciated the detail on the invoice describing the problem and repair solution, testing, and verification completed. Thanks again for all your hard work, another happy customer!

Chris B.

You guys saved me a ton of money!

I just wanted to express my great appreciation for your efforts at rebuilding the Electronic Brake Control Module from my 2002 Suburban! I had really been dreading spending nearly $1000 for a new unit until I found your company, so I was eager to send the faulty unit to you to see if it could be repaired. After getting the repaired unit back from you, I reinstalled it, and BINGO, no more ABS and Brake lights! You guys saved me a ton of money! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Mark B.
Cypress, TX

Installed the rebuilt module in less than 15 minutes

I don’t normally take the time to write an email of thanks for doing normal business, but in this case I felt compelled to share my enthusiasm for the fantastic service this company provides. Every part of the experience, from the great online troubleshooter, to the fast turnaround, to the detailed and accurate instructions that accompanied my repaired module that looks and works better than new, was way above and beyond my expectations. Even though I consider myself an experienced mechanic, I was leery of working on an ABS system at first – that is until I read about Module Master. With a minimum of research I felt confident that I could do this repair myself and save over $1000.00 at the dealer, and it sure paid off. I installed the rebuilt module in less than 15 minutes and my ABS light has not come back on since. Bravo!
Thanks to all the folks at Module Master for doing things right the first time.
A very satisfied customer,

Michael S.

2003 Chevy Avalanche ABS issue

I want to thank you for the service you provided in helping me repair my 03 Avalanche. I had the dreaded “Service Brakes” warning that had me scratching my head for a few months. I did a brake job a few months back to include rear calipers, rotors and pads and a fluid flush, but I was getting that dang warning bell on and off. After doing some research, I found you guys and thought it would be worth a shot. One week after sending the module to you, it is back on the truck and the ABS actually works now. I hear the pump kick in, and that warning is gone. Your service saved me a lot of coin and the warranty is great. Thanks again for the quick turn around and great repair service.

Mike P.

1999 BMW 528iT ABS fail

I have a 1999 BMW 528iT that like a lot of the BMWs the ABS module went out. Thanks to other BMW owner I removed the module and send it to you, Module Master, and with in few days it was back. Installed the unit and it worked like a charm. Thanks for the GREAT job, and for saving me some $$ in the process.

Wojtek L.
Federal Way, WA

VW Passat ABS works like a charm

Many thanks for a great job. The ABS on our VW Passat is now back up & running. It worked like a charm.
Thanks again,

Dave B.
Gainesville FL

You offer an invaluable service to the community

I received my repaired Bosch 5.7 ABS Module yesterday and installed it in my car. I then cleared my codes and as of today everything seems to be working just fine with no more codes or lights. Thank you for not only repairing the module but providing enough information on your website that I felt confident about removing the unit and sending it in for repair. I clearly made the right choice by sending it to you. You offer an invaluable service to the community.
Thanks again,

Michael K. S. Ph.D.
Director, Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical Operations

2001 Buick LaSabre

First of all i am located in south texas shipped out on a monday and received it the following monday so the turn around was super fast. i have a 2001 buick lasabre one day while driving the infamous beep alerted me to a problem and BAM i saw the ABS/TRACTION/BRAKE come on and stayed lit. being advised that since the red brake light on the vehicle was lit it would not pass state inspection ..quote from dealer over a grand for repairs the part itself over $800.00 !!! so instead of grabbing my ankles I did some research & found ModuleMasters …i installed the ebcm and without even test driving the car the lights disappeared .i would highly recommend this site. i rarely leave any reviews but i think others should know about the great service this company provides. Thx

N. Sierra, Tx.

Volvo ABS

Curtis, received the ABS module for my wife’s Volvo on Saturday, installed the module and car is back to normal. I appreciate a business that actual can fix something in todays, replace-the-part, world. Thanks again! Just received and installed the abs module your company rebuilt for us. Everything seems to be working great. Thanks for the good work!!


Great service, both in repairing my ABS module and customer service

Thanks for the great service, both in repairing my ABS module and in your customer service. I re-installed the ABS module a few weeks ago and it works great. Two weeks ago I drove through heavy rains for almost 2 hours and didn’t have any problems. Once again, thanks.

Good job

hi, just a note to let ya know I received the module back today and immediately installed it. went without a hitch. back on the road again. cool, good job, thanks.

2003 BMW 530i

A Huge thank you for your service! Just installed a repaired module into my wife’s 2003 530i. Within 30 miles all the lights were off and the car ran like a dream again. Your service saved me $1,100 and was so easy. The on-line tech support was extremely helpful.


2003 GMC Sonoma

The ABS light came on in my 2003 GMC Sonoma truck. The local repair shop quoted me $900 to replace the ABS unit claiming this was the cost of the unit and they would do the labor for free. I said no thanks and looked around on the internet and found Module Master. I followed their instructions in removing the unit and packaging it for shipment. The turn around time to rebuild the unit and get it back was nine days. I was able to drive my truck in the meantime. I followed the instructions in replacing the unit. Started up truck and light was out and ABS functioning. Total cost with shipping and new screws…$155.00! Thank you Module Master!

Ed W.

Service is “first class”

I recived my repaired ABS module for BMW 540ia 2000. Installed it and took the car for a testdrive. It works like a klock. I shipped my module from Gothenburg Sweden in the beginning of April got it back the 26 April with FedEx.
Thank you Modulemaster your service is “first class”
Best regards,

Marc Janitzek
Göteborg, Sweden

You have exceeded my expectations!!

Huge thanks to ModuleMaster for saving me over $2400! I was quoted $2100 parts plus $500 labor by an independent shop to replace the ailing ABS module on my wife’s 1999 BMW 323i. We were actually considering having the work done until I found your site. For the $150 plus shipping to rebuild my existing module and the couple of hours of time for removing and replacing, I figured it was worth a try. Man, am I glad I did! You fulfilled every claim – the module was cleaned, rebuilt, expertly packaged and returned to us in a few short days. After installing the module, master cylinder and bleeding the brakes, I took the car out for a test drive. The ABS and DSC warning lights went out before I reached the end of our driveway! You have exceeded my expectations!!

Wayne P.
Woodstock, GA.

2004 Chevy SSR

Thank you..Received the EBCM for my 2004 Chevy SSR in a week from day sent. Installed the unit and have not had the ABS indicator on in two weeks. Saved over $800 of the dealer estimate..Great job Thanks again.

Larry G.
Colchester, Il

Mighty fine job!

I recieved my ABS module back today and installed it. Wow! What a difference! My brakes don’t lock up anymore, when pulling a trailer. I can’t thank you enough. The dealership wanted $800 for a new module, and you were a fraction of that. And the ship time…7 days (from Central Texas) from the time I shipped it to you to the time I got it back. You folks are top notch. Mighty fine job!
Thanks again,

M. Denham
Llano, TX

My brakes work as good as NEW!!!!!!

I got the unit back Monday 4-18-2011. It looks great!!! I installed today, Wednesday 4-20-2011.. It works GREAT!! JJ
My ABS light went out!!! My brakes work as good as NEW!!!!!! Thank you very much for doing such a great job!! And, for saving me at least $1,000 in repairs!!! I will be telling, everyone what a great service you are!!

Brian L.
Berkeley, IL

abs MODULE works like a NEW

You guys are the BEST, I save a lot of MONEY and my abs MODULE works like a NEW…. SO FAR SO GOOD


(ModuleMaster) did more than just repair my ABS module

I usually do all my own electronic work, including repairing computer components and TV sets. I went so far as to take the cover off the module for my 2005 GMC Safari Van, to see if I could repair any bad solder connections myself. I don’t have a sophisticated solder vacuum so I gave up on disassembling any more and risking damage to this very expensive unit.
I am very happy that I had Module Masters repair it. They did more than just repair it. They installed a couple of improved components, performed the standard solder strengthening and tested the module. Got it back in a week, did a simple re-install and no more ABS light !!! It’s been more than a month and I’m confident the light will stay off. Of course, I tested the ABS system on gravel and it works fine.
My recommendation is to not bother with trying other repairs (like I did). If the codes indicate the module is the problem, send it to Module Masters and avoid trouble later. No, I don’t work for them, I operate a part time computer repair business on the other side of the country.

Richard S.
Greer, SC

Brakes worked great!

No trouble installing the module, and brakes worked great! We just wanted to say thank you for the job you do and the service you provide.

Tom C.

2003 BMW 525i

Good morning….. recieved the repaired module for the 2003 BMW 525i. Packaged well. – Clean with no styrofoam mess. Installed with no hitch. Plugged in the wire harness and started the engine. All the dash error lights went away except the “Check Engine Soon” light. After a drive or two around the block, that light too went out. Now, …. just waiting for 50 miles to roll off to see if all stays well. Note: When I removed the module from the car, I taped a plastic shopping bag tightly over the exposed unit where the module was located. This kept the moisture (rain) and dirt from getting into the open module host. So far – so good.

Dan D.
Lewisville TX

1999 Saab 9-3 issues resolved

You just repaired an ABS module for my 1999 Saab 9-3 and I think it’s fair to let you know how happy I am.
I plugged it back in and So Many Systems roared back to life; but more importantly the RPM/idle problem that I had fought for over 6 months was gone. Who knows why an RPM fall-off would be part of an ABS module but it was. Having your car die in intersections for over half a year wears a person down. It hurt my feelings and made me get honked at. But you fixed it and I am very, very happy.
Thanks to all you people in Moscow.

Luke M.
Palm Springs, CA

1999 VW Passat

I have just installed the repaired ABS module (using your detailed manual) on my 1999 Passat and it works perfectly! Thank you very much for doing such a great job! Also – for saving me at least $1000 in repairs!

Calgary, Canada

Chevy S10

I just installed the rebuilt module in the abs system in the S-10 and it is working as it should. Thanks for the service and help to resolve this problem. I like the way you people do buisness.

David R Corey


Dear Module Master,
Thank you for doing such a great job on my ATE MK20 ABS module. I tore off one of the solenoids in removing the module. It had corroded onto the valve body. Module Master was the only place that I could find to fix the unit. You saved me many hundreds of dollars. The module is from a Jaguar and their parts prices are not cheap!
Excellent service!


Dodge Durango

Thanks for the amazing turnaround on my Durango’s Kelsey-Hayes ABS Module. The sealed ESD bag screams quality and from the detail on the invoice, I can tell you did a really thorough job and take a great deal of pride in your work. Plugged everything in, turned the ignition and no more ABS and Check Engine lights. I’ll be telling all my friends about you and how much money you saved me on this one.

Rob M.
Lake Terrace, WA

1999 Audi A4

Blinking brake light on my 99 Audi A4 indicating bad ABS control unit (Bosch 5.3 284). I saved $480.00 by sending it to you guys after getting quote from local service station. Your turn-around time was four days. I installed it myself more than 3 months ago and it’s been great. I received three follow-up messages from your team to confirm that I was satisfied.
Thank you very much.

Hoboken, New Jersey

Unbelievable value in the service you do

Hey guys, just wanted to thank you for the great service you did to my EBCM. I plugged her back in and BOOM my “tcs off” light shut off, my Anti-lock brake, Magnasteer adjustive steering, and Traction control services worked perfect. I haven’t had them since i purchased the car. Unbelievable value in the service you do and at a fraction of a new unit from the stealership. Thanks again


VW Passat

Two years ago my VW Passt ABS-unit failed. It was repaired by a local high qualified soldering expert. But it worked for one month only. Later I searched the web and found ModuleMaster. In the beginning of February last year I shipped it to you. 18 days later I put the repaired module back in my car – and it worked! And still is! I am impressed, and just want to say THANK YOU.
Kindest regards


You helped me save almost $1200

I got the DSC Module back from you guys couple of weeks ago. I put it on and the DSC light turned off in few seconds. SO Many thanks to you all! This helped me save almost $1200. The car have been running fine for couple of weeks. You guys are great I will recommend to anyone in a heartbeat.
Many Thanks

Ahmed S.

Dodge Ram 1500

I recently had my Dodge Ram 1500 abs module repaired! You guys are GREAT! I easily installed it and as I was told by your tech guy, “thats it, it’ll work fine.” Well as he said, thats it, it works fine . As a Canadian customer I was a little nervous about senting it over the border. Not a problem at all! I am very impressed with your fast friendly service. I hope I have trouble with my abs on my other car so I can send you guys another one!

Steve T.
Ontario, Canada