Mercedes SBC Rebuild


Mercedes currently has the SBC module under an extended warranty, please check with your local Mercedes dealer to see if you qualify for a replacement.

This is a rebuild for the Mercedes SBC Module.  Your module will be rebuilt with new parts to ensure safe operation.  Removing and installing this module will require the use of a scan tool that supports Mercedes SBC functions. You’ll need to send in the ENTIRE module (please remove the bracket as it can be damaged in shipping) as shown in the pictures to the left.

In order to be rebuilt, the module needs to have at least one of the following errors:

  • C249F Operating time of a7/3 (hydraulic unit) is exceeded
  • C2131 Pressure Reservoir faulty
  • C235C or C235A Service threshold reached

The following codes may also accompany the previously listed fault codes:

  • C25D3 Pressure Reservoir; Check pretension pressure
  • C26FB Control unit a7/3n1 (SBC control unit), internal fault
  • C26BC, C26BB, C260E, C210C, C26DE, C25D5 Hydraulic fault, malfunction in pressure supply

If you do not have one of the main fault codes listed above, please contact us to verify that your module can be rebuilt.

Before sending in your module to be rebuilt we recommend the following:

  • Deactivate the SBC module before removing from the car
  • Remove large bracket from SBC (these are prone to damage in shipping)

SBC Rebuild Information:

  • 5 business day turnaround time
  • Five year guarantee against return return failure
  • We do not charge a bench fee

The rebuild applies to the following vehicles:

  • 2003, 2004, 2005 Mercedes E500
  • 2006 Mercedes CLS500
  • 2003, 2004 Mercedes E320
  • 2004 Mercedes E55
  • 2006 Mercedes E350
  • Other years and models may apply

Part Numbers:

  • 0265960025, A0054317212
  • 0265960013
  • 0265960012, A0044314212
  • 0265250010, A0044314212
  • 0265250062, A0044319912
  • 0265960019, 0265250065, A0054310512
  • 0265250010, A0044314212
  • 0265960025, A0054317212
  • 009431271280
  • 0265960029, 0265250097, A0054318012
  • 0265960029, 0265250097, A0054318012
  • 0265250082, A0054315012
  • 0265250065, A0054310512
  • 0265250076, A0054310512
  • 0265960052, A0054317212
  • 0265960012, 0265250010, A0044314212

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Additional information

Weight16.0 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 12 in


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