Kelsey-Hayes 310 ABS Module – ON HOLD

This rebuild requires removing your module. Click here for more info.

Please complete the following troubleshooting guides before sending in your KH 310

1. Ground Connection: It is highly recommended that you remove and clean both grounds and clear error codes from the module. If the error codes return after driving the vehicle, then the problem is most likely in the module. Please reference the following diagnostic guides:

Download Ground Connection Diagnostic Guide
Download Speed Sensor Diagnostic Guide

2. Motor Test: If you have an open pump motor or pump B+ fault, check your motor for an open circuit condition. If the ABS has not been used for a significant time, the brushes in the motor can stick in their holders. Apply 12 volts directly to the motor and gently tap on the motor's housing with a mallet or screwdriver handle. In most cases, this will bring the motor back to life. Allow the motor to run for about a minute to free up the brushes.

This rebuild is currently ON HOLD

This rebuild addresses the following problems:
C0065 Relay Circuit Fault
Wheel Speed Sensor Faults
C0242 Electronic Brake Control Module – only if there are no burnt solenoids
Most Solenoid Faults – not all solenoid faults can be fixed
Pump Motor Faults – Please complete the Motor Test explained above

If you would like to see if we are able to rebuild your KH 310 module please click the link below and fill out the REPAIR REQUEST.  If we are able to help you at this time the cost of the rebuild will be $250.


Additional information

Weight4.0 lbs
Dimensions12 × 9 × 6 in
Vehicle Make