Ate Mercedes Solenoid Pack ABS Rebuild


This rebuild requires removing your module. Click here for more info.

We offer three rebuild levels (click titles below). The level you need is based on the condition of your ABS pump motor. The most common cause of failure of this ABS system is the solenoid pack. The ABS pump motor may also fail prematurely due to worn-out brushes or burned-out windings. All rebuild levels are covered by our 5-year warranty against return failure.

Tier 1 Rebuild: $100

If a scan of your ABS system reveals a solenoid error code, and you know your pump motor is good, our Tier 1 Rebuild is all you need to get your system back in peak condition. Service includes a complete rebuild of your solenoid pack. Turn-around time is typically 2 business days and your vehicle may be driven in the meantime. Please ship just the solenoid pack without the HCU (hydraulic control unit).

Tier 2 Rebuild: $250

Our Tier 2 Rebuild restores both the solenoid pack and replaces the worn-out brushes in the pump motor. Use this option if your motor still runs, but you would like to prolong it’s life. Recommended for vehicles with over 75,000 miles (120,700km). Turn-around time is typically 1 week. You will need to ship just the solenoid pack and the pump motor.  You do not need to ship the HCU (Hydraulic Control Unit).

Tier 3 Rebuild: $400

Our Premium Rebuild is a complete system rebuild including restoration of the solenoid pack and a complete motor rebuild. Motor rebuild consists of new high-temp armature windings and new long-life brushes. If your pump motor has a strong “burned out” smell, this rebuild is required. Turn-around time is typically 1 to 2 weeks. You will need to ship just the solenoid pack and the pump motor.  You do not need to ship the HCU (Hydraulic Control Unit). 

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Weight9 lbs
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 in
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Tier 1 Rebuild, Tier 2 Rebuild, Tier 3 Rebuild

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